Saturday, 2 July 2016

cakap cakap...LGE and the Angkatan Tentera Malaysia

Not a good start to the weekend!

Woke up a bit late this morning.....around 7am courtesy of the tennis at Wimbledon...and that too rain stopped play...and worse...I woke up with a runny nose...courtesy of Winter. It happens without fail at the start of every Winter...runny nose and a cold. So I do what I know will help make me feel more comfortable.....a warm long sleeves thermal singlet, thick socks and a wind cheater to keep any cold air out...and I am good.

Had to go to the supermarket this morning for some groceries...fruits, vegies, butter and cat food....saw a lady with her dog sitting on the cold pavement outside the supermarket asking for some alms...had about two dollars of small change and gave her all that. Got what I needed and was back at my apartment by 9 AM.

Feeling miserable but warm.

The Chinese must be getting themselves all hot and bothered over the charging of Guan Eng with corruption by the powers that be. How powerful are the Chinese in Malaysia? Woo ha...they raise the RM1 million bail money through "donations" in less than 24 hours...and once they had the money they stopped taking "donations!" and learn! 

When DAP got the money they needed for LGE's bail, they stopped taking further "donations". That way no need to return any "donations" that was not needed for the purpose the "donation" was given. Habis need for AG to confirm "donation" was return to whom so ever gave those need to to answer to anybody as to weather there was surplus "donation". No need to keep surplus donation in Kit Siangs private bank account. End of story.

Now as to whether Guan Eng is guilty or not.....I have this to say. 

Remember that "Khir Toyo buying a house at a discount" story? What is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gender ma! Maybe, in hindsight, it would have been better for LGE to have not bought the house in question....or wait for a better time to do so.....aisehman surely LGE knows a better way to make this deal happen so that it is a win win situation all around...and still give the powers that be no ammunition to hantam him. But the nasi already become bubur what to do? 

My advise...grin and bear it and hope that all's is well that ends well.

The other thing on my mind this lah not the machine you take money out of....I mean Angkatan Tentera Malaysia. 


Where do you think ATM loyalties lies? 

Yes lah we all know they swear allegiance to the AGONG and all that stuff..."It is responsible for assisting civilian authorities to overcome all international threats, preserve public order, assist in natural disasters and participate in national development programs" .....but when push comes to shove...when the chips are down...when the time comes for them to really make a choice....will we be able to depend on the ATM to do the right thing? 


My opinion? 

ATM is about the only thing left that can and will prevent this bloody corrupt Umno led BN government from taking over the country! Two opeartive words : CAN and WILL stop this Umno led BN government from illegally taking over government before or after the next general election. 

What say you?

...and do have a nice weekend while mulling over this!