Saturday, 2 July 2016

Kelvin Phang...Do we Dare?

steadyaku47 comment : 7.05 AM Melbourne time. Sometime last night, Kelvin posted the following comment on my post "Cakap cakap....Lim Guan Eng"  . What he tells us to think about makes sense....maybe it is time we do think about what Indonesians and the Fillipinos have dared to do....what have we to lose?
Kelvin Phang

Kelvin Phang If Indonesia dares to pick a leader from the street and not from elites to champion for their rights and welfare but over in Malaysia, we dare not take the bold move. Even over in Philippines they too dare to take the risk. If Malaysians do not change their mindset, we should blame ourselves for the govt. that we have.