Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Nur Durrah Atiqah Othman : The 7-11 Outlet Supervisor.

It’s about 5:15am on the 4th Day of Hari Raya. 
Me had some drinks and came home hungry. Looks like the stomach not going to let me sleep it off. Walked to look for restaurants around my neighborhood. All the mamaks are still closed because Raya is still fresh in the air. Had to settle for 7-11 food. 
Normally, the outlet would be locked from inside during that hour. I was lucky as I walked in when the worker came out to throw some rubbish. “Sneaked in”. The Bangla worker just looked at me helplessly. 
Due to hunger & tipsiness, I just picked a mee cup and looking around for the hot water. Then, the outlet supervisor approached me. She offered to make me the cup mee. I shamelessly handed it over to her. She realized it was not a normal mee soup in the cup but some funky Indonesian spicy mee goreng in the cup (which requires additional steps compare to just adding the right amount of water) to which I asked shall I change. She said it’s ok and went on to prepare it. 
There I was sitting like a drunkard boss just looking at her doing it. She even explaining it to me on how to do it the next time (obviously little went through my mind). As she completed and handed over the cup to me, I thought of eating it outside but she made me to “dine-in” and had a conversation with me until I completed my food. 
During the conversation I found out that earlier in the day, a bearded Indian man like me walked in and robbed some money of the Bangla guy. Hence, was he was giving me the look that I was going to kill him. This wonderful lady didn’t generalize me based on the other Indian guy. She’s young. How many of the so call older people have the same mentality. She was brought up right. She’s a true Malaysian. Are you guys bringing up your kids the same way?
Anyway, thank you very much Nur Durrah Atiqah Othman. Will visit you sober very soon