Thursday, 7 July 2016

Price of Kankong to go up because of IS threat!

Here we go! 

IS is in Putrajaya every nook and cranny across the length and breadth of this wonderful nation of ours. Every where you care to look sooner, if not later, this Umno led BN government will warn us of the IS threat to national security. The IS threat to our racial and religious balance and of course the IS threat to the standards of living  to Malaysians.

The price of kangkong will go up....not because of the GST but because of the IS threat. Hell this BN government may even up the GST because they will insists that the Rakyat have volunteered for the increase so that the government will have the resources to combat the IS danger to our national security.

Anyone and everyone against this BN government must be in cahoots with IS and all the usual suspects will be rounded up, detained and interrogated and held in custody without trial until such time as the IS threat is deemed to be no longer a threat.

Of course PDRM will leave no stone unturn in their search for these IS operatives. 

That Twit of an IGP will be Tweeting 24/7 in his efforts to probe and find out just what exactly these IS operatives are up to....I would suggest the IGP go probe Saiful's anus lest he is somehow able to hide some IS operatives in that part of his person where the sun does not shine!

Let me say one thing to this IGP Twit and to his political masters....if America, UK and Europe cannot stop random terrorist attacks on their home soil, what can PDRM do to prevent attacks in Malaysia if IS really are determined to do so?

Zahid, Najib and anybody not wag the dog again! Do not use the IS as an excuse to take our mind and thoughts from the corruption, 1MDB and all the abuse of public office for personal gain done by BN politicians, their cronies and families....we are watching you!