Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Quickies : Bugis Warrior takut orang hantam dia kat dia punya open house!

This is what our nation has regress make people who comes to your house for Hari Ray go through these kind of security checks....WHY? 

Ask yourself why Najib thinks it is necessary to have people who comes to his "open house" checked for weapons, bombs or maybe even ballons....lest they want to attack the PM or blow up Seri Perdana? Or release ballons during the open house?

We have a paranoid prime minister? 

He is paranoid for a good reason....he knows the hatred that the people of Malaysia has for him and his wife....and this Bugis warrior has got no backbone to put himself in harms way...even if it is to show his people that he is not afraid of being hurt when he is among the rakyat of Malaysia.... no guts, no balls courage in hell to do anything of those sorts. 

A coward through and through! 

Bugis Warrior...HUH!