Friday, 22 July 2016

Quickies : Malaysian Official No 1.

I am much troubled by the latest developments within Umno with regards to the Malaysian Official No 1 mentioned, but yet to be identified, by the US Justice Department in their Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative served upon Red Granite, Riza Aziz and "friends".

Demi kepentingan Bangsa, Ugama dan Negara (as these Umno goons are so fond of uttering before they embark on anything!) it has been suggested that Pemuda Umno will march en Mass to the gates of the US Embassy on a date and time to be decided, and do to the AMERICANS what the slaves did to the Romans when the Romans called upon them to identify "the body of the living person" of their leader, SPARTACUS" ....and that if they so did, the Romans will not crucify them.

And this is what happened:

Umno belives passionately in the innocence of Najib and I am sure demi kepentingan bangsa, ugama dan negara, there will be many Pemuda Umno who will identify themselves as the Malaysian Official No 1....hell maybe even the Red Shirt brigade might want to do so themselves....imagine having three million Umno members yelling "I AM MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL NO 1" all over K Hell! .....saya share aja! 

And this is what will happened if they do....