Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Malay must choose.....

We Malay have been asked to take sides.
We have been asked to announce our stand, clarify our beliefs and indicate our preferences on many issues...and to do so loudly and publicly. On religious, racial and political matters to start with, and then we are again asked to state our stand and make commitments in the name of various causes from Malay unity to Islam....and any number of things in between.

Where in the past Islam had accepted, coexisted and tolerated Malay customs and the ways of the Buddhist, Christians and Hindus, today the widespread application of Shariah Islamic law code based (so they say) on the Quran, dominates to a point bordering to the extreme or, as most of us would prefer to see, a farce of comedic proportions ....supermarket lines separated by gender and and shopping trolleys marked halal and non halal.

Shariah compliant airlines took off in December 2015 but alas landed with a thump a few months later despite guaranteeing pork-free meals, alcohol bans and hijab wearing flight attendants. It would seem that being Shariah compliant does not guarantee the viability of such a business venture.....common sense will tell you that financial viability in any business is determined by other more practical considerations than just being Shariah compliant! 

Today being a Malay is no longer enough to enable you to go earn a decent living or allow you to live in peace. 

You have to be  a Malay with Umno or (heavens forbid!) PAS. You must adhere to the religious pronouncements of those loud Muftis with an eye to political correctness (as seem from the eyes of their political masters). What kind of idiotic pronouncements are being uttered by these 'Government appointed Muftis?" Try these for a start.....

Muslim husbands can't 'pull out' during sex without wife's consent ...
Apr 28, 2015 - Muslim husbands can't 'pull out' during sex without wife's consent, says Perlis mufti ... Perlis mufti Datuk Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin says that sexual relations ... In Malaysia, marital rape is not a legal offence, but a husband may be ... Logging you in. ... nothing than sex in these preacher's mind. sad to say.

Women must give husbands sex 'even on camels', Islamic scholar ...
Apr 27, 2015 - Women must give husbands sex 'even on camels', Islamic scholar says ... Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria said that men can always have sexual ... In Malaysia, marital rape is not a legal offence, but a husband may be prosecuted and ... Islam is good, peaceful and fair to Muslims of all gender and it is ...

Arrest mufti for call to kill infidels - The Heat
Jun 25, 2016 - Political leaders are calling for Pahang mufti to be checked for threat to national security ... Abdul Rahman has been condemned for claiming DAP and all those ... Traditionally, 'kafir harbi” was the term used for those non-Muslims who ... IS supporters in Malaysia to employ whatever means necessary to kill ...

 And of course these Mufti's who depend on the Umno led BN government for their stipend have also declared that it is the "Islamic" thing to do to vote for Umno.

'Hadi indirectly asks Muslims to vote Umno' - Malaysiakini
Apr 24, 2015 - 'Hadi indirectly asks Muslims to vote Umno' ... PKR and DAP must start to strategise a life without PAS in the next election. ... way, while the others getting down to the urgent business of working towards a better Malaysia.

Let us recap...:

  • I have to be a Malay that cannot pull out during sex without his wife's consent.
  •  A Malay whose wife will agree to have sex "even on camel" (no hope in hell that my wife will agree to this....I wonder what Rosmah will say to a horny Najib...that is if they can find a camel that can fit both of them on its back). 
  • A Malay that will do the bidding of that Mufti from Pahang to kill on sight any DAP "Harbi" members.
  • And of course I have to vote for Umno - or else I can be arrested for being a threat to national security or worse, be murdered by a religious moron doing the bidding of that Mufti from Pahang!

Malaysia is being turned in Arabia. Saudi Arabia to be precised.....and that RM2.6 billion donation that Najib Razak did say he received from a Saudi Prince, might or might not have anything to do with it. 

And all this while the wife of the Prime Minister dabbles in Black Magic!

All this while Ibrahim, aka Kelana Indra Sakti aka Raja Bomoh Sedunia is doing brisk business with even a stretch Mercedes-Benz limousine  parked in the driveway of his house 

What are we Malays to make of all this? I do not know about other Malays for I know not what they make of all this but suffice to say that confusion reigns not only among the Malays but also among the non-Malays!

Look around you and you will see that many many non-Malays now want to be Malays!

What is a Malay to do?

The Malays are in flux. They are being torn apart for it would seems that respecting each other point of view and agreeing to disagree with grace seems not to be the way Malays are behaving today. And across the board - from the very poor to the very rich....this division is being driven by the want, the need and certainly the greed for money driven by the criminal elite in Umno that reveres money as it's KING!

Go make your own choices. 

Before you demean any one who chooses money over anything else ask yourself if you are yourself really above greed. Ask yourself what would it take for you to go over to the other side....whichever side that you were originally on initially with.

We are all flawed. 

We are all susceptible to make decisions that will not only favor us but also favor the well beings of our loved ones.

If we are ever to be put in a situation where we must make those choices what choice we make will depend not only on our ability to hold on to our principles ...but more critical...who is watching us ...who will know of our decisions and what is being it a life altering offer that would set you up for life and take care of your loved ones for the term of their natural life?

These are the choices facing so many Malays today.

More so for those in Government and in politics. 

And when you have a political party like Umno that has the political will and ability to make these kind of offers to Malays just so that they can remain in is a big ask for any Malay to say "NO"....and in passing let me also say that it will be difficult too, for the non-Malays to say "NO". 

So we are all in the same boat....with the Malays being the first among equals...with the Malays having the first option, the first opportunity, the first offer "on a platter" to say "YES" or "NO" before the others gets a bite of the cherry.

And as the Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar by-election have confirmed...the electorates are still enamored with what money can do to their personal situation...enamored enough to give their votes to BN.

But I do not want to be a Malay that cannot pull out during sex without his wife's consent, a Malay whose wife will agree to have sex "even on camel", a Malay that will do the bidding of that Mufti from Pahang to kill on sight any DAP "Harbi" members and I do not want to be a Malay who votes for a corrupt Umno.

I will not do these things. 

And I blog about why I will not do these things in the hope that I will bring others over to where I am now and together we stand against a rampaging, corrupt and arrogant Umno led by this odious and most corrupt of Malay leaders who calls himself a Bugis Warrior (NOT!).

I am still a Malaysia citizen with a PR to live in Australia. My five year passport expired three years ago....and I am not even bothered to renew it because unless there is a change in government, I have no desire to go back to K Hell...where the prospect of being a "person of interest" to PDRM because of what I write in my blog does makes me uncomfortable. 

I am one of those Malays that chooses to not live under a government run by a corrupt and arrogant Umno. I am one of those Malays that spit on the likes of Najib and his wife because of what they have done to in the name of government. In fact I spit on any leader that cannot explain the millions that they have in their personal bank account. I am also one of those Malays who understands that unless our nation is rid of this Umno led BN government, I will never be able to set foot again in the nation I call my own...Malaysia. 

It is not big deal to live outside Malaysia....and you can ask the millions of Malaysians that have left Malaysia to migrate to places all over the really is no hardship to live outside Malaysia. Life is better, more comfortable and your right as a human being is not only respected but guaranteed under the laws of those countries that we Malaysians have now chosen to be our own.

Do we want to go back to Malaysia? Some of us do but most of us do not...why go back to the Malaysia that have made us leave because of religion, race and politics? 

But it would be good if I could go back for visits to Malaysia as and when I want to without having to worry about being a "person of interest" to PDRM...especially when my old man did served in PDRM for a good many years...and until a decade or so ago, I still did consider myself a family member of the extended PDRM family.

But as I have said earlier, we Malays have had to make decisions that we really do not want to make because we know that making those decisions only serves to take me further away from my own kind.  

As the Malays are being pulled apart I know that every time I hantam a Malay it is akin to "ludah di atas langit"...killing my own kind!

Yes slowly but surely I am killing my own kind...and I do not like to do that...I do not like to continue to do that....and this is the dilema that Umno is exploiting to their political advantage when they come across any Malay that is against Umno.  I have to try and balance what I do so that what I blog about the Malays can be constructive in creating awareness among the Malays that, among other things,  their present situation is being "managed" by Umno for Umno's political survival. 

I do not always succeed because in writing about the corrupt and arrogant Umno leaders what these Umo leaders do in the name of government also colors the perception of what the non-Malays think about the Malays. And it does not help that Umno itself reminds the Malays of the need for Ketuanan Melayu, of the need to have the Islam that they consider "necessary" for the advancement of Islam and of the need to have Umno in power for the Malays to "succeed" and not be trampled by the Chinese. All this makes a heady concoction of circumstances that keeps all of us - Malays and non-Malays on edge and wary of what is to come next. 

And of course all this further erodes what ever "racial harmony" that still left among us all.

As a Malay...I choose to live on my own terms. That is why Australia is now my home and Melbourne my city of choice....and if that means I will not again see K Hell and the Malaysia that I left many years be it!    


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