Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Cina lose again! No Excuse to Balik Tongsan Anymore!

In comments made to my posting "China To Implement “Chinese Card” For Malaysians Born Chinese"...   first prize goes to Anne Gan for her reply to Kok Son Ong comment!

Kok Son Ong
Kok Son Ong Does it mean now we have no excuse when told to balik tongsan?
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Anne Gan
Anne Gan · Friends with Sam Singaram and 1 other
Is there a need to balik when China is coming here!? 🙄🤔🤗

steadyaku47 comment : Checkmate to Umno and that Keris waving pondan! 
On a more serious note....word from reliable sources in Peking tells me that Reduan Tee can apply for a "Chinese Card" but approval will depend on whether he has "bersunat" or not. So got to drop his trousers for inspection by the authorities. Anyway if he cannot balik Tongsan there is always the TongSampah for him!