Monday, 14 November 2016

Falseflag Operations : Bersih 5 is their Target. Be Warned!

When May 13 happened in 1969 I was not a Chinese, therefore I was not concerned. When in 1985, details of a massive financial scandal were revealed within Bank Bumiputra which ultimately led to its collapse, I was not an account holder of that bank, I was not concerned. When the Asian Financial Crisis struck Malaysia and public funds were used to shore up Umno's corporate base and for the financial gains of its leaders, again I was not concerned and dismissed it as a means to prop up the economic and political base of the Malays. When in 1998 Anwar Ibrahim was dismissed as DPM, arrested, beaten up by the IGP and subsequently incacerated, I was already living in Australia and accepted that as being part of politics in Malaysia. Then Abang Lah was pressured to leave office by Mahathir and replaced by Najib Razak....again I told myself that in politics, political power comes and goes....and when your time is up, you leave.

Then came 1MDB, that RM2.6 donation, the murder of Hussain Najadi, the murder of Altantuya, Deepak, the death of Bala, an AG and IGP that did the bidding of their political masters, Rosmah and her Jet trips, that hideously expensive wedding of Najib's daughter, Jho Low, Reza Aziz and all the ills and evil that greed and corruption breeds under Najib Razak who boasted that Cash is King.....and I realised that maybe I have been unconcerned about the state of my Malaysia for far too long! Maybe it is now time to say ENOUGH! 

So should you!  

One of the things that concerns me today is this Jamal Jamban....a thug, a hooligan and a paid saboteur of Najib Razak and Umno. This Dato Jamban is someone who sets out deliberately and maliciously, to advance the political agenda of his political pay master and in the process is prepared to create havoc and harm to our way of life and all that we hold dear in our society and in our country. 

This is his latest ploy....False flag Operation against Bersih 5.

Be warned fellow Malaysians and let us not be duped by his duplicity nor by the intentions of his political masters - Najib and Umno. This is what they intend to do to our people, to our country and to our future : create havoc at Bersih 5..... and one of the ways they will do this is by their "FALSEFLAG OPERATIONS!"...see the images above and you will understand more.

Knowing what they want to do is knowing what we must do to stop them....
Lawan mesti Lawan.