Monday, 14 November 2016

No More Need for MCA, Gerakan or DAP....Selamt Datang China!

China has lashed out at Indonesia and threatened to confront the Ahok issue at hand by sending it's military, if nothing is being done by the authorities to protect the lives and safety of Indonesian citizens of Chinese descent.

Chinese PM Li Keqiang has also warned his Indonesians counterpart that should such a need arise , China would not tolerate and hesitate to withdraw all it's investments in infrastructure development as well as it's ongoing businesses from the Muslim state...... - Respon Keras datang dari Perdana Menteri Tiongkok Li Keqiang,Soal suasana politik…
steadyaku47 comment:
The Indonesian mass killings of 1965–1966 were large-scale killings which occurred in Indonesia over many months, targeting communists, ethnic Chinese and alleged leftists, often at the instigation of the armed forces and government.  

The May 1998 Riots of Indonesia were incidents of mass violence of a racial nature that occurred throughout Indonesia, The main targets of the violence were ethnic Chinese.  Why then do the Chinese still live in Indonesia after these mass killings? Because most Chinese do not have the money to move, and no country will accept immigrants without resources.
Today these are the economic  realities : China is a major economic power. This has led to an increase of foreign investments in the bamboo network, a network of overseas Chinese businesses operating in the markets of Southeast Asia that share common family and cultural ties. 
  • Malaysia's trade with China is worth over RM98 billion
  • Indonesia trade with China is worth over RM55 billion.  
In 2015, Indonesia award a RM25 billion Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway project to China. China’s will build the Jakarta-Bandung line without requiring loan guarantee nor funding from Indonesia. 

Please note that Malaysia's East Coast Rail Line (aka the Dedak Line) is worth RM55 billion!

With all this is mind, we come to the present. 

There has been riots in Jakarta over Ahok  - the Chinese Governor of Jakarta. These problems has now caused China to be concerned over the lives of Indonesian citizens of Chinese descent...enough concerns for China to warn Indonesia that should the lives of  Indonesian citizens of Chinese descent be threatened, China will not hesitate to withdraw it's investment in infrastructure development as well as it's ongoing business from Indonesia. 

And, if need be, China will send in it's military.

Now that is in Indonesia. 

It does not take an Einstein to work out what China could, would or shall do in, and to  Malaysia, if in the future, the lives of Malaysian citizens of Chinese descent are threatened for whatever reason.

I would think that anyone threatening to have Chinese blood running through the streets of KL would constitute a threat to Malaysian citizens of Chinese descent....would it not?

Let us get one thing clear.....the lives of any OVERSEA China's concern. They will not hesitate to use whatever military or economic arsenal at their disposal to protect these Overseas Chinese they have threatened to do in Indonesia!

This week China and Malaysia signed 14 MOU's worth RM143.64 billion. I will leave it to your own imagination what kind leverage, economic and political arm twisting China can inflict upon Malaysia with RM143.64 billion worth of trade!

We already know what having millions of Indon and other pendatangs have done to our community. But though there are millions of legal and illegal pendatangs in Malaysia, their government have no say in the sovereignty of Malaysia because they do not have the economic muscles to threaten the sovereignty of Malaysia should the lives of their citizens be in danger during their stay in Malaysia. 

China has that economic muscles. 

And even though they do not have Chinese citizens living in Malaysia in any sizable in Indonesia, China considers Malaysian Citizens of Chinese descent to be under their protection!

I have no opinion on whether China should or should not protect the interest of Malaysian citizens of Chinese descents....all that I know is that they do! And because it is so, I suggest that Najib and this Umno led BN government reconsider what it is that they are doing with China in case what the Red Shirts are now doing on behalf of Umno gets out of hand and they start killing Chinese the way the Indonesian Muslims have been killing Chinese in the thousands in the name of religion, race or whatever other reasons they might have to kill Chinese.  

And ditto for any other May 13 incidents and ditto for any Umno idiots who would want to wield the Keris and threaten to kill any Malaysian Citizen of Chinese descent in any Umno Assembly, Kampong Baru or anywhere these Umno idiots congregate! 

What would I do if I am a Malaysian citizen of Chinese descent? 

I would go to the Airport to welcome Najib home from China where 14 MOU's worth RM143.64 billion was signed. I would say thank you to Najib for allowing not MCA or Gerakan or any other political entities to look after the interest of Malaysian citizens of Chinese descent but has instead brought in China, lock stock and barrel, wjho will ensure that nothing untowards will happen to a single Malaysian citizen of Chinese descent in Malaysia. China can do this better than MCA, Gerakan or DAP.

Then after doing that...I will look towards my Motherland (China lah!) and give thanks to Tun Razak and Toh Puan Rahah, for bringing into the world a saviour for Malaysian citizens of Chinese descent in the form of that Bugis Warrior we all affectionately call Jibby aka Najib Razak and make him an honorary Malaysian Citizen of Chinese descent!