Monday, 14 November 2016

Polis Tumbuk Saya! Polis Tumbuk Saya! Budak Zuraidah Pukul Saya. Budak Zuraidah Pukul Saya. Jamal Jamban Confused? Siapa Bayar Jamal Jamban? Siapa Bayar Jamal Jamban?

steadyaku47 comment : What you see here is being organized, encouraged and generously financed by elements within an Umno headed by Najib Razak who, by default and by design, is complicit in allowing this rowdy group of Malay hooligans, thugs and crooks in Red Shirts to wreck havoc on our way of life and on our community in pursuance of Umno's and Najib Razak's political agenda : namely to hold on to political power by any means at their disposal whether legal or illegal.

The Public knows that for now, they are powerless to stop this odious Umno-led BN government under Najib Razak from doing this because government, and all it's attendant machinery are in their hands. The AG will do their bidding, the IGP is an arse and boot licking servant of his political masters and both these diseased government lackeys are already partaking of the dedak flowing freely from their "Cash is King" master. But never you mind these realities that now will change.

It will change because for us Malaysians and for all those oppose to BN, the days unfolding in front of us in these tiring times are sometimes good....most times better! 

Only two days ago Jamal Jamban seems indestructible and above the he has a bloodied nose and has made an Ass of himself by claiming "Polis Tumbuk Saya! Polis Tumbuk Saya! Budak Zuraidah Pukul Saya. Budak Zuraidah Pukul Saya". The truth of both claims is still to be acertain...but the social media will sebarkan what he claims far and wide and by now Malaysians everywhere, including Najib and those in Umno, can think and work out for themselves, what Jamal Jamban is really like under pressure. 

Now Jamal Jamban knows that the physical harm he threatens others with can also be inflicted upon his personal self. Physical pain sobers up even the most ardent of thugs and hooligans and even a great deal of money will not be enough to get a coward to do his master's bidding.

As I have said...for us all opposed against this Najib Regime, some days are good but most days are better. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!         

One thing is certain....Najib and Umno have decided that these idiots in red shirts will be their front line "berani mati" storm troopers against us. Najib and his cohorts will "guide" these Red Shirts hooligans from the relative safety of Putrajaya and Seri Perdana. Let us see if all the Cash that their King has promised these Red Shirts will be enough for the Red Shirts and Jamal Jamban to front up again and get served with more bloody noses!