Sunday, 13 November 2016

Peter Terence D'Cruz... Mr IGP you are just amazingly fucked up..

A cop rapes and molest his own children and he is still working as a cop?

A teacher rapes students and he is transfered to another school as a teacher?

Red shirts gangster Jamal ikan Bakar threatens to kill or harm Bersih leader and he still walks the streets?

Jamal ikan Bakar threatens to burn Malaysiakini office and he still walks the streets?

Jamal ikan Bakar's gang beats up a yellow shirt motorcyclist and he still walks the streets?

Jamal ikan Bakar threatens to spit on a elderly ex Prime minister and he still walks the streets?

But former journalist Sidek Kamiso was arrested by police following accusations of insulting a dead PAS spiritual leader Haron Din!

ABC Four Corners crew was detained by Malaysian police after trying to question Prime minister.

The person implicated in Ambank founder's murder is set free. (It was the victim, Mr Najadi who apparently reported to Bank Negara about the billions in illegal transaction into PM's account.

When a politician speaks the truth in Parliament (with immunity as prescribed by law) accusing the PM and 1MDB of blatant corruption, he is called in to the Police station.

Opposition politicians have been put in prison for lessor offenses..but Jamal is free to roam the streets creating havoc, including throwing water bottles at police, no arrest, no tear gas, no water cannons...just a gentle warning.

And when BERSIH protestors protest for free and fair elections and an end to corruption, your FRU attacks them with full force.

In a latest news from Ipoh, opposition MPs were stopped by police from addressing their constituents on the Bersih issues at a food court.

So tell me IGP, do you even know what justice is all about?

Is this how you honor your country that you have pledged to protect?

 The Police Inspector General aka PIG