Sunday, 13 November 2016

I have said it once and I will say it again...tembak aja!

steadyaku47 comment

Is this what the Malays have become under Najib Razak...under Umno? 
Do you all still remember this?

Thank God Mahathir came to his senses and I can bet you that this would be one of those occasions that Mahathir would rather forget.

And then there was that Din guy and his Keris!

Another paper warrior without any claims to anything else but his grandfather and father's good name and genes which sadly jumped a generation when it came to his turn.

We have also been entertained by that Kipidap aka Anak Kulup guy last seen wandering around the streets of Brickfields with his bunch of retards:

And of course that Mother of Warriors....the Bugis one lah, last seen prancing about on stage with the President of the Philippines a few nights ago.

This Bugis Warrior also plays a mean game of football (so he thinks!). At what level I am decide.

But I digress....

Is it not time, for common sense to prevail?

We are living in the 21st century and whether we like it or not, and even if the Malays have to be dragged screaming and protesting into the 21st century...... it must be done! There is a place for the kind of antics that Jamal Jamban and his cohorts are exibiting to us....and that place is the UFC.

or a few rounds of Muay Thai with Buakaw:

UFC and Buakaw have Jamal Jamban and his Malay Warriors for breakfast every morning!

As a Malay I am emberass and ashamed that Najib Razak and Malay leaders in Umno look upon these kind of idots, hooligans and thugs as their savior...and more worrying, these same Malay leaders are touting these idiots, holligans and thugs as the saviour of the Malay race!

I do not want to be saved by them...hell...they cannot even save themselves from what is coming in these next few months as the collective will of all good, rational and determined Malaysians everywhere get together to once and for all rid ourselves of this corrupt political plague call Umno.

As what will protect Malaysians everywhere from these thugs and hooligans when PDRM under that tweet of an IGP chooses to protect them? 

As I have said before and I will say it again....just shoot them! 

And there is always the Angkatan Tentera to do that for us if push comes to shove!