Thursday, 17 November 2016

Rafizi and Invoke

Invoke is a company formed by Rafizi to create a team of workers and thousands of volunteers going to the kampongs highlighting issues close to the kampong people's heart to change their allegiance to UMNO and defeat BN in GE14 or latest by GE15. He has engaged a US election campaign expert who helped Obama win his presidency using 'Big Data' analytics. One of the strategies is trying to win marginal seats which BN/UMNO only won by less than 5% majority and this involved 30+ seats out of the 88 seats won by UMNO. There are now many young and highly qualified people in his team that shared his vision who quit their high paying jobs to work tirelessly on his mission but are only paid a pittance. He highlight's his strategy and methods from their big data analysis and strongly believes that BN is beatable and can be removed from Putrajaya. 

As for Rafizi he is from a poor family from Besut Trengganu, he did well academically and spent 4 years in the prestigious MCKK and later graduated from Leeds U UK in Engineering. He then did accounts and qualified as a Chartered Accountant. He returned to Malaysia in 2003 working as Senior Accountant in Petronas. He spoke excellent English and belong to the elite group who are traditionally the core backbone of UMNO political machine. However, he has a genuine sense of fairness and feels strongly that everyone should be given an equal chance for the country to prosper and not leave the non-bumi communities marginalizedd causing jealousy and dissent. So he has chosen a anti corruption and anti BN/UMNO stance which is at a great cost to him personally and he is expecting to go to jail on 14th Nov when the verdict of his OSA case that will have mandatory jail term on conviction. He may loose is MP position and may be barred from standing for Election for 5 Years. He it is a great sacrifice for him to fight injustice and corruption as he could easily hold high corporate position with top pay if only he is will to toe the line and close his eyes to all the corruption and injustice around him. 

For his ideals and sincerity, highly analytical and problem-solving mind, he is a most credible future PM material for Malaysia and deserves our support. The Invoke project is concretely working on the regime change and need funding support to carry out its mission.