Friday, 11 November 2016

RPK and Sarawak Report : Read and make your own conclusion!

If RKP Is Not Paid From 1MDB's Stolen Money How Is He Paid?

Mahathir and his ANC were hoping that Hillary Clinton would win the US Presidency. Then they can keep this DoJ issue alive. But now that Donald Trump has won instead, there goes their US campaign to create the perception that Najib is a dead man walking…
Oh, by the way, a little bird told me that the letter below was prepared yesterday in anticipation of Trump winning the US Presidency today. And that is the difference between Najib’s Boffin Boys and Mahathir’s Keystone Cops. Najib’s boys know what they are doing while Mahathir boys blunder every step of the way.
Now you know why in February 2015 when I was asked to decide whether to join Mahathir’s team or Najib’s team I chose Najib’s team. It is just that I detest working with idiots and enjoy working with brilliant people. I mean, only idiots would enjoy working with idiots. And I would like to believe that I am brilliant and not an idiot.

Our comment

Today’s message point from PMO Communications Dept has been the claim that Najib is best golfing pals with Muslim-bashing Donald Trump (greasing up to Obama and funding Frank White are soooo yesterday….. time to re-dial Josh Trevino).

Cabinet was informed by Najib that this means he is definitely off the hook over 1MDB and blogger RPK duly parroted the line in his latest libellous ramblings from the back of his North Manchester cafe joint.

Interestingly (for once), having accused SR, the WSJ, the DOJ and various others of being in the paid thrall of a Soros ‘Jewish plot’, RPK went on to admit he works for ‘Najib’s team’, which he says means he is “brilliant”.

This raises the question as to what money is being used to pay him, since he isn’t on the books at PMO?  It seems highly likely that another foreign based recipient of 1MDB’s stolen money has been identified therefore and the various law-enforcers will be notified.

As for Trump ‘letting off Najib’.  RPK has amply demonstrated that he has a morality-free, grovelling UMNO mentality, which is that boss-man fixes everything, so stick close to boss-man skirts. However, the US has a more advanced approach, meaning even the all-powerful Trump will not be able to ring the DOJ and tell them to “pull the investigations on that guy Najib I played golf with in 2009″.

To the contrary, he has vowed to “drain the swamp” (on corruption) and what better place to start than to encourage a speed-up of the action against Islamist agitating kleptocrats, who hide their money in the USA and send fighters into IS by the plane load from SE Asia?

steadyaku47 comment :  Whether one is brilliant or an idiot is not for one to say....let those who can think for themselves, are rational and have some grey matter in their head, decide for themselves who is brilliant and who is an idiot. Enough said!