Sunday, 8 January 2017

1MDB, Jho Low : The Story Being Sold To The Malays

steadyaku47 comment: This is ABU ABP comment on my recent posting : Joh Low has got Najib by the Balls!


"do you expect the Malays to believe that Najib Razak and Rosmah sit together by themselves and at times, with their cohorts, to plan, plot, and scheme of ways and means to make money for themselves at the expense of the Malays?"

No, you are wrong. It is not "at the expense of the Malays".

They believe that it is planning and plotting and scheming to make money for the good of the Malays.

That is the story being sold to Malays, especially the UMNO Malays.

Once the Malays buy that story, everything else falls into place - the RM2.6billion, the 1MDB heist, everything is being done for the good of Malays.

Oh, and of cos, Islam.

"And what of Jho Low?"

And what, indeed, of Jho Low?

Using the logic of ketuanan Melayu, he is just another orang Cina doing the bidding of a Melayu, as all orang Cina should be doing.

Remember, it's for the good of Melayus?

And Melayus hold the upper hand in Malaysia.

So what if Jho Low has made lots of money?

Tak pe lah.

He is only one orang Cina who has made some money. At least, the other orang2 Cina in Malaysia didn't make any, so that is some consolation.

"then he is beholden to Jho Low to not only carry the caper out...but to keep quiet about it all"

Of cos, Jho Low would carry out the orders of a Melayu.

Also, Jho Low still has family in Malaysia who make good hostages.

"The fun will really start when Jho Low has to front up in court to tell his side of the story."

To be honest, I doubt if Jho Low would be fronting any court anywhere soon.

The legal process can be exploited for many years and UMNO has demonstrated that it will be as uncooperative as possible.

Eventually, the statute of limitations would kicked in and all those countries trying to prosecute Jho Low can go whistle Dixie, just as Hong Kong had to in the Michael Chia case.

Of cos,all the above depends on Malays believing that all this is being done for the good of Malays.

Damn, I keep forgetting, and for the good of Islam, of cos.