Sunday, 1 January 2017

cakap cakap...2017

Nothing like a brand New Year to make one thinks that all things are possible.  

That the year will being more prosperity. That all will be good with family, friends and acquaintances. That somehow peace will finally come to those wretched part of our world where people kill each other for no other reasons than the colour of their skin and the God they do or do not worshipped so that all humans can live in peace and harmony. And of course we desperately hope that finally the inept, self serving, arrogant and corrupt Umno led Barisan Nasional together with all those inept, self serving, arrogant and corrupt politicians and government servants gouging on the dedak being shovelled into the trough by Najib and his cohorts, will finally all be condemned to a life of hard labour and incarceration at Sungai Buloh or put away in a dingy dirty cell where the sun no longer shine!

Now that we have got all that out of the way...let us get on with the real business of the New Year...of any new year. The business of "LIFE". 

We each see life in the same way as every one else does : My life is important. This morning I have to decide first, what I shall have for breakfast - coffee or tea - one sugar or two - do I put on a sarong (I always put on a sarong but the act of putting on a sarong every morning tells me not to forget who I am  - a Malaysian first and then a Malay and then a Malaysian living in Australia) - and then of course a singlet -and once thus properly attired - decide what I next do. Invariably, as I did this morning, power on my MAC and spend some time "working" on steadyaku47....that is me.

No one does exactly the same thing as I did this morning...maybe serupa but with some variations here and there....we are all the same because we are all different. 

The new year gives every one of us the opportunity to go do what we want with not only our life but the life of others. I am resolved to make my life with my wife better this year than it was the year before. How so? First of all I have to learn to be patient...or to be be more patient. In the last few months of 2016, I have learnt to sit by her side during meal times and do what ever it takes to get my wife to eat. Sometimes that means I do the feeding, at times she feeds herself and most times it will take a combination of both to make meal times enjoyable for her and for me....and while I am there beside her I have also learnt to eat my meals in between her eating hers. And here is the hard part....I have to learn to enjoy doing all this because I will be doing this for every day of 2017....and here is where I surprise myself....I do enjoy it because I am with my wife...the same girl that I met when she was 23 and me 21 and she is now 72 and I am 69 - so imagine what we have shared in our life together! And that life plays in my head every time I am with her, every time I look at her and every time I think of her. Life is good.

On the western front...or more appropriately "umno, najib & rosmah bashing front"....there is much to do. Elections years are always interesting. Some people get rich...very very rich during an election year. Some people get arrested and some get elected and every one of us gets a shot at having our own take on what will and will not happen at the end of the day. Who will be PM and who will face the end? And when the Fat Lady Sings on the morning after the 14 PRU - where will that Fat Bitch aka The Flying Hippo aka FLOM aka Kak Rosmah be? Her fate will be eagerly and keenly awaited by many many Malaysians and if the wishes of millions of Malaysians are of any consequence ...God help her because none of us will! 

Najib's fate is already a done deal. He is "going down" ...what is to be seen is the manner of his "going down" and how he will be made to pay for the ruination he has caused to all that we hold dear - our people, our nation and out future! In all this, I, like you all, do NOT intend to just be a spectator. Politics is a contact sport and we all want to be part of that part of the sport where at the very least, we will point fingers at those that deserves our contempt and disgusts...but please be aware that in pointing fingers, only one is pointed in the direction of our wrath while at least three are pointing at us!

Morale of the story? Be prepared to get as good as you give. 

Of course there are other things to do in 2017. Mostly I want to be happy. Be very happy.

Happy New year. Don't worry be Happy!