Thursday, 5 January 2017

cakap cakap...the Malaysia I want, the Malaysia I knew, the Malaysia we must have again!

This is the Malaysia that I remember, the Malaysia that I want...the Malaysia we must have again if we are to survive as a nation. This Malaysia now seems to be no longer possible because it does not serves the political purpose of an Umno bereft of ethics, morality and compassion. 

An Umno that is bankrupt of any sense of fairness or justice in its quest to satisfy the greed of its leaders  - leaders like Najib Razak who, at this very moment, as various parts of the country is overcome by the devastation of floods, poverty and inundated by the hate that racial and religious extremism imposed upon them by these Malay political leaders from Umno and Pas for their own vested interests.....this leader is on holiday with his family in Australia!   

I thank brother Fauzi Rahman for sharing the above video clip with tugs at my heart strings and brings back to me many happy memories of times long gone by...of times when being a Malaysian has nothing to do with race, religion or politics!