Friday, 6 January 2017

Mamaks are good servants but are poor masters.

steadyaku47 comment : The above quote is from a classmate of mine....a YB no less.......whose comment on the latest mind boggling initiative of this odious Najib administration is spot on!

As always Najib's attempt at pulling wool over our eyes is spearheaded by one of his "dedak fuelled" orang suruhan....and this Sec Gen of the treasury, a mamak no less, lies at the very top 0f the putrid cream of orang suruhan who will do anything, say anything and be anything for that dedak!

Even if you have stopped caring about what Najib is doing to this country of stop to ponder the audacity of this Mamak telling us that BR1M is to be used to create entrepreneurs!

BR1M to be used to create entrepreneurs, says Putrajaya

 | January 5, 2017 
Treasury secretary-general Irwan Serigar Abdullah says government is looking at ways to help lower-income group move up the economic ladder.
PUTRAJAYA: The government is hoping to spur those from the lower-income group towards entrepreneurship using its cash aid, BR1M (1Malaysia People’s Aid).
“We want to find a new, more effective mechanism to assist the lower-income group to move up the (economic) ladder,”  treasury secretary-general  Irwan Serigar Abdullah said during a press conference to discuss issues surrounding BR1M.
He said studies were also underway to reduce the number of BR1M recipients, that totalled seven million at present, by helping the lower-income group to move up the economic ladder.
“We may restructure BR1M so that people can buy food items and necessities with it. We are also studying how BR1M can be used for (skills) training, so the recipients can use BR1M wisely to start their own businesses,” he added.

steadyaku47 comment :

And how is this new "effective mechanism to assist the lower-income group to move up the (economic) ladder" going to be structured? My "reliable" sources in Putrajaya tells me that the "studies" underway have so far come up with this :

RM5 Billion Spent On BR1M In 2015 - Is There A ... - Malaysian Digest

Sep 30, 2015 - RM5 billion in cash handouts to over 7 million Malaysians in just one year is ... the annual national Budget tabled by the government has regularly bumped ... but not so much because you give BRIM and then pile on the taxes, ..

For the first roll out  of this "effective mechanism", ten percent of that RM5 billion - that is RM50 million - will be put aside to fund this "effective mechanism to assist the lower-income group to move up the (economic) ladder". 

Who will be the recipients of that RM50 million? 

The following are already eagerly/greedily on the waiting list :

  • Anybody who can claim any ties to the Bugis Warrior and the Flying Hippo.
  • Brother in Law, son in law, relatives of Irwan Serigar Abdullah.
  • All the usual suspects from Umno, BN and their families and relatives and friends. 
How soon do you think before another study comes out with the "fact" that the "effective mechanism to assist the lower-income group to move up the (economic) ladder" is so effective that BR1M will stop and all monies for BR1M will be channelled to this "effective mechanism to assist the lower-income group to move up the (economic) ladder" soon?

How stupid do these bastards in Putrajaya think we are?