Thursday, 2 March 2017

Bini Attorney General menipu ka?

Remember this guy? Yep! The Attorney General who cleared Najib of wrongdoing over massive amount of funds in his personal accounts? Well Houston....we have a problem! His wife, Faridah, has been a naughty girl. 

That is his wife to the right of the picture, Apandi in the centre and the other guy was a politician before he became a Tan Sri etc etc.

Hmmmm what happened you may ask?

BHL, a housing developer, was scheduled to hand over vacant possession of 104 units of condominium in Jalan Kuchai Lama as part of it's sale and purchase agreement with the buyers of the condos.  - failing which a penalty for late delivery would have to be paid to the buyers. 

BHL failed to complete and hand over the condos to the 104 purchasers within the stipulated 36 months of the sales and purchase agreements.

BHL did not want to pay the purchases for late delivery.

BHL wrote to the Controller of Housing under the ministry of housing for an extension of time. Cannot kautim ma so appeal was rejected.

BHL then appealed to the Minister. Can Kautim...and said minister allowed an extension of 12 months.

Purchaser of condo were unhappy and sought legal remedy in the courts. High court set aside order by minister. Minister die standing....and that would have been the end of the story ...BUT...Lim Kit Siang smelt a rat.

The letter of appeal to the Minister was signed by one, Faridah in her capacity as director of BHL group. Lim Kit Siang (bless the man!) checked with the Registrar of Companies where he was told that the said Faridah was not a director of the firm at the material time.

That Faridah that signed the BHL letter(as a Director of BHL) to the minister, Puan Sri Faridah Begum and the wife of Apandi Ali are one and the same person.

So how? 

The wife of the Attorney General has masqueraded as a director of BHL to write a letter to the minister to appeal on behalf of BHL to extend the completion date of the condos so that the buyers of the condos will NOT get compensation for the late delivery and in the process save a lot of money for BHL.

Now before you get on your high horses and starts pointing fingers at Faridah...let us consider a number of mitigating circumstances:

1   BHL, for reasons best known to themselves, wants Apandi Ali to join BHL when he is no longer in public service (i.e when he is no longer AG lah!). Apandi agrees and Apandi's wife is taken into BHL as his "representative". She presumes that BHl has done all the paper work and she is indeed a director of the company (after all she should be already drawing a substantial allowance, claiming expenses etc) on behalf of her beloved husband the Attorney General, and so she signs the letter in good faith.


2. BHL offered any takers a "donation" if anyone can help them with getting an extension of the condo completion date so that they do not have to pay any late delivery fees. Faridah put both her hands up for the donation (after all she could do with some pocket money!)....signs the letter. To give oomph to the letter...BHL puts her down as a Director of the company. And of course when handing the letter over to the minister, the minister is reminded whose wife was writing the letter on behalf of BHL. And we cannot discount the possibility that the minister is also offered a donation to be donated to his favourite charity (or anyone else he so chooses!).


3. BHL and the Attorney General are in cahoots. The AG suggested that his wife signs the letter and he will speak to the minister concern and selesai everything....share and share alike...everyone happy except and probably get their donation any pow but the 104 condo buyers got shafted.

So where did it go wrong?

They did not kautim with the High Court judges...maybe the high court judges are too expensive or that they are really incorruptible....which one is which is for you to decide. 

Anyway you want to look at it, you can be sure that this Faridah, aka Puan Sri Faridah Begun aka wife of the attorney General, is in deep shit.......up the creek without a the same predicament as when that horny politician was sowing his wild oats in Port Dickson and got found out by his wife, the flying hippo! Tiada maaf bagi mu!

Now let us go get a few packets of kuachi, some teh tarik, grab a nice comfortable chair on the verandah and wait to see the outcome of this sandiwara. And it will be a sandiwara...BHL may apologise to Faridah and her husband for whatever it was they have done...the AG will feign ignorance of any attempt to deceive the minister...and what about Faridah? Spending some time in remand will do her some least she will lose some weight and be able to fit herself into the new wardrobe that DHL will most probably be buying her to say sorry for all the inconveniences when all this thing has been kauitm.   

What about you and me....aiyah at least we see that Apandi guy squirming around on his backside for a few moments in time...better than nothing ma!