Saturday, 4 March 2017

Dr Zakir Naik

In the past, I have not, at any great length, read, listened or discussed with anybody, Dr Zaki Naik, simply because there has been no reason for me to do so. Just for the very same reason, I have not done so for Billy Graham or any other religious individuals. What they do is their business in as long as they do not pose a threat to society and to the way of life we live. 

Recently the voices for and against Zakir Naik has become more strident, more loud and more divisive and so, as is usually my practise, before I write anything more substantial about this man, I resolved to find out more about him.

Yesterday I spoke to a few people about Dr Zakir Naik.....asking probing questions and listening to the answers that they gave me. ...always mindful to try and get some clarity about what it is that Zakir Naik is doing from the perspective of these people.

Late last night I began to form an opinion...yet to be substantiated by more research...but nevertheless an opinion I am comfortable in  sharing with you guys......basically it is this.

Dr Zakir Naik is a Muslim evangelist in the genre of Billy Graham. He does for Islam what Billy Graham does for Christianity. That Zakir Naik seems to be a well funded evangelist is his good fortune and those funds enables him to carry out his Dawah effectively and successfully. That he has become a threat to others for the work he is doing for Islam is simply a fact that he and every one else will have to deal with.

The questions about whether he has been given two islands off the coast of Trengganu,whether for now he is comfortably settled in Putrajaya, whether he will be importing his evangelistic style of Dawah to the detriment of other religion and other races, and whether he constitutes a threat to our national security, are still something I am not comfortable in answering as I have yet to acquaint myself with the facts of those matters. 

I want to write more on Dr Zakir Naik..but that would mean more reading, more research and more debate with those who would be able to enlighten me on this man. For now suffice that you watch the following video about the man and make up your own mind on the matter. Suffice for me to comment that for now, my thoughts on him is simply this :  He is doing Dawah work, He is a good at what he does and he is indeed a well funded evangelist - as to who is funding him and for what reasons is still a mystery to me. Suffice for me for me to say that for now I will keep an open mind as to who Dr Zakir Naik really is.

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