Saturday, 18 March 2017

I woke up an hour ago....have a good weekend!

5.00 am Saturday morning. Melbourne. 

I woke up an hour ago. I am 3000 kms away from K Hell and yet my first thoughts this morning was that I am a Malay. A Malay living in Melbourne. I am sitting in front of my Mac, in a sarong and singlet, a glass of ice cold water by his side...and thinking of what a government full of Malays is doing to a country also full of Malays in a world where the Malays have now become the butt of mirth and back handed comments by many because of what is now happening in Malaysia - a country that anyone with some grey matter can discern to have been so named because there are many many Malays living in it. 

And so I sit here trying to make some sense of why we Malays have allowed for this to happen to ourselves and to our nation? And what will become of the Malays once this Malay led government is done with having their way with us Malays, with Malaysia .....and with the others who also call Malaysia their home?

But those thoughts linger only a while in my mind because the world is not only made up of Malays  even if those in umno think it is so. 

The world is also not made up of just Muslims even if Jais, Jakim, the Muftis and umno think it is so.

We who have left Malaysia to live elsewhere know that there is a life for us outside Malaysia - a good, decent and comfortable life. But a good, decent and comfortable life does not make us forget the Malaysia we left behind....and that is why even 3000 kms away on a Saturday morning, my thoughts go back to Bangsar and the Malaysia I left almost a decade ago....but as I have lingers there only for a moment. There is more to life than Malaysia.

To everyone...have a good weekend...and be happy!