Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Jais says that Malaysia only accept Malaysian marriage documents : Then did Zaki Azmi commit khalwat with Nor Hayati?

“Most of the time arrests are made if the husband is unable to provide sufficient evidence that the woman he is seen with is his wife,” said Hairul Nizan Mhd Idris, who works under the preaching department for Jais’ Hulu Langat division at a forum on Islamic family law.
Most of the time, husbands are unable to provide evidence because the couple got married in Thailand or in Indonesia. Malaysia will only accept marriage documents recognized in our country, so providing documents that the marriage took place outside the country is not enough.
However, Hairul pointed out that a raid would only take place if there was a complaint. “If there is no complaint, then we don’t come. If there is a complaint, then as religious authorities we have to act,” said Hairul.

Wednesday, 5 October 2005 | MYT 12:00 AM

Zaki and wife may settle out of court

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Umno disciplinary board deputy chairman Tan Sri Zaki Azmi and Nor Hayati Yahaya will strive for an out-of-court settlement over his application to declare his marriage to her invalid. 
According to his counsel Azmi Mohd Rais, both parties have yet to reach an agreement, but from his discussions with Nor Hayati’s counsel Dr Mohd Radzuan Ibrahim, the matter would most likely be settled without going to Syariah Court. 
Radzuan told reporters that he had raised a preliminary objection over the procedures in the filing of the application and documents to support Zaki’s claims, and that the court had fixed Nov 21 for decision. 
Zaki, 60, a lawyer, and Nor Hayati, 32, a company manager, did not turn up in court yesterday. 
On July 26, Zaki sought to declare his marriage to Nor Hayati last May as not in accordance with the law. 
He alleged that he had received threats from Nor Hayati that she would tarnish his image if he did not pay her RM10mil and also if he did not take steps to register their marriage. 
The duo’s marriage was allegedly solemnised by a kadi from Thailand and the original marriage certificate burned to hide the affair from Zaki’s first wife. 
Nor Hayati challenged Zaki’s application and filed an affidavit of her own on Sept 22. 
In it she asked the court to reject Zaki’s application to separate them from being husband and wife until the disposal of her case. – Bernama  

steadyaku47 comment ; 
Jais...saya nak tompang tanya. Apa hukum nya bila budak Zaki Azmi (umur 62) tu kahwin dengan perempuan Nor Hayati (umur 32) tanpa izin Isteri pertama? 

Ada kah di berkhalwat dengan Nor Hayati kerana dia kahwin di Thailand? 
Boleh tak dia di heret ka Syariah Court kerana dia melakukan khalawat dengan Nor Hayati? Kalau si Azmi tu kata dia tak ada buat apa apa dengan Nor Hayati (nudge nudge wink wink....) saya tak percaya lah! Kurang kurang mesti dia ada pegang tangan dan kissing sikit....tapi saya tau si Azmi ni memang gatal....mesti dia sailang budak Nor Hayati sampai dia puas!
Camna jais?