Saturday, 18 March 2017

Malaysia Hari Ini : The Malaysian Bar

The Malaysian Bar voted at their annual general meeting (AGM) today to continue serving alcohol at their functions.
The motion against serving alcohol at all Bar functions, proposed by lawyer Mohd Amir Sharil Bahari Md Noor, was overwhelmingly rejected, with 588 votes against, nine in favour and 16 abstaining from voting.

steadyaku47 comment : As our late great friend Zorro Unmasked will say : 

"Dang! I don't give a flying fuck about any Muslim or Infidels..,,My two Doctors,  Dr. Jack Daniels and Dr. Johnnie Walker has prescribed that I partake in the the relevant medication at any Bar I choose to grace with my presence.. ...and I will be damm if this Amir Sharil Bahari Md Noor or anyone else, can tell me to do otherwise...whether the Bar is located in Timbuctoo or in K Hell! 

588 votes against 9 and 16 abstaining! How did this Amir idiot got it all wrong? Has he no idea of how the prevailing winds within the AGM will blow or was he expecting umno to come galloping to his rescue? Budak macham ni kalau kita panggil dia bodoh mesti dia marah.....but to totally misjudge the sentiments of his fellow brother lawyers in this matter indicates that he is not the brightest of the lot...or should I say he is not the brightest among the 9 in favour of the motion! Moron!