Friday, 17 March 2017

Mamat Karim aka Mohamad Abdul Karim (Spiderman)

Hi Bro Whenever I msg Payne, he always responds without hesitation. What I'm saying is he is always available if we, the Latiff Clan needed his medical advice or expertise. The diagnosis is my left lung functions only 10% but my right is 80% good but because of age and smoking abuse, may deteriorate. They did not proceed with the heart tests as they need to determine the severity of the lung condition. Dah tua ni macam macam hal. At least I know where I am but I'm not predicting any scenarios for now. Just happy to still be on FB and surrounded by loved ones. Life is too serious. Cheers Friend..

Yes Mat... We live life the best way we can. You take care...

Yesterday, Thursday 16th March, at 4.27 PM I received the last message from Mamat ..... my dearest cousin ....telling me that all is not well with him...but he was 

"Just happy to still be on FB and surrounded by loved ones. Life is too serious. Cheers Friend" 

And my reply to him....

"Yes Mat...We live life the best way we can. You take care....."

And today he is no more. I just received a message minutes ago to tell me that he has left us....and my cousin Abbas just rang me up to tell me that he was on his way to Kuala Pilah where my late cousin lives with his beloved wife, Yam, to do what needs to be done for Mamat one last time. 

My thoughts of him are many....and it is all I can do to stop the tears in my eyes from flowing more that what it is now. I ponder the times we have had togather....most of it full of laughter and many a reflection of our lives separately and together. We talked about family...about how fortunate we are to have the wives we have and about how, despite all that we have been through, life is still good! And we talked about family....not only our own but about our many many uncles and cousins - the Dr Latiff Clan - from the days in Kampong Kassipilay to 
the present - and always it was about the good times...and very very rarely about anything else.

Rest in peace dear will not be a good day for me. The crying can wait....for now I will think first about Yam...that wonderful wife you left behind....about AJ the cousin we always talk about with respect and reverence and about our life together. For all the memories....many thanks.