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cakap cakap : .good manners, ethics and grace no longer counts for anything, even among friends .

My oh my...the natives are indeed restless tonight! But first thing first. I simply cannot go past without commenting on this headline that I saw in Malaysia Chronicles : 

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You, I and Kak Mah knows that the "Big Problem" with najib is his lack of balls, his lack of courage and his very small dick. You and I know that anyone who suffers from small-penis syndrome can compensate their physical shortcomings by taking the most advantageous sexual position to make the most of their shortcomings (the emphasis here is on SHORT and not on the coming...if you get my drift)...and herein lies the problem for Abang get the most advantageous position to overcome his shortcomings, he requires a partner who can get down with him on the physical positions required .....and alas, size and age does not allow kak mah to be of any use to najib in these manoeuvres .....and since there may be a few ladies who might be offended by the direction this discourse is heading....I shall cease and desists this discourse with immediate effect. So use your imagination if you want to go any further as to what happens in that Master bedroom in Seri Perdana!

But I digress.....

I was talking about the natives being these I mean the natives in umno and bn. They are restless because their Tuans are beating them into a frenzy in readiness for the next vote vote vote...or, as most of them prefer to refer to it as dedak dedak dedak and more dedak.     

But who let the dogs out? 

There are even coming after me...a 70 year old pensioner living many thousand of miles away from K Hell who blogs in between taking care of his wife? Take ada kerja lain ka? Tak ada target lain? I am well aware that by the things I write I am fair game to any one who reads what I write and wants to have their say on what I write. all means do so....but can it not be done with grace and substance? 

You guys that read what I write....there are a few things you guys need to know about me and steadyaku47. Do I write for money? Yes I have but not for anything I write on this blog. I have written for medias before and anyone that have been reading this blog knows for whom I written in the past for.No dramas there.

Anybody can pick and choose any article I wirte from this blog to post it on their Facebook or blogs....or do with what I write anything they want to do. They do not even have to credit me for those articles. 

This is what Malaysia Chronicle does from time to time. They are kind enough to credit me for those articles of mine that they cut and paste from my blog onto Malaysia Chronicle - though they like to put their own twist to the article.....always putting their own heading to what I write - never using mine....and I have no problems with that.  

Now listen to me carefully here....I do not know who owns Malaysia Chronicle, I do not know any one working in Malaysia Chronicle nor do I have any interest, financial or otherwise in this arrangement. They have never communicated with me nor I with them....though when I am next back in K Hell I intend to find out who is the boss in Malaysia Chronicle and will ask him or her (very nicely) to at least belanja me to a Nasi Briayani at Mahboob in Bangsar ....because he or she have made good use of what I write to their advantage in Malaysia Chronicle....not mine.     

So let me reinterate....nobody pays me to write what I write in my blog.

Do I write what people asks me to write about? Yes sometimes I do. I get requests from those who read what I write to sometimes write about this or about that....and if I think I can do justice to what they ask me to do...I will do so.  

This week MT posted a real nasty piece on me....but I will not bite....sticks and stones....but I still had to answer a few inquiries from friends in K Hell and this one is from a dear old friend, ex Harakah, Zul Sulong who asked me this today : 

Zul : Salam tuan...Apasal si raja pura marah sangat tu

Me : Biasa lah tu...kalau tak ada oomph susah nak dapat ilham menulis...Tak ada oomph
        kurang dedak....

Zul : Hahahaha...

I guess the above exchange tells the whole story of what is now happening in Bolehland.....good manners, ethics and grace no longer counts for anything, even among friends because we all have to try to survive the best way we can.

For some a brand new BMW is a necessity. For others the need for dedak drives them to do many things....even support politicians and leaders whom they know are corrupt. But do not judge these people too harshly. You can say no to to would be hard to say no if those figures keep going up and up. I do not yet know what I myself will do if confronted by offers I simply cannot refuse. 

So bear that in mind when you want to censure MT for what they write on me. For me it is just water off my back and life goes on. I know that for me and for many others, life is just going to get more difficult and what ever these morons can do to make life difficult for us, they will do. 

When all is said and done...just remember this : This blog is me.....a 70 year old man living in Melbourne, living on a pension and taking care of a wife seriously ill with dementia. Nobody tells me what to write. Nobody pays me to write....I write because I have something to say about life in K Hell. I write because this bn government under najib is corrupt. I write because when it is time for me to go, even if I am many thousand miles away from the country of my birth....when the time comes for me to close my eyes.....I want to be able to tell myself that I have done my bit to try and make change happen...and that my friend, for me, is what steadyaku47 is all about. Amen!      

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