Tuesday, 2 May 2017

cakap cakap....common sense.

There is, in all of us, a bit of Satan and a bit of the Angel. For some, there is more of the Angel and less of the Satan and for others, more of the Satan than of the Angel. Rarely do we find in people equal proportions of both to balance out one if pitted against the other. But any student of history will tell you that there have been moments in the past when there have been individuals who will make us wonder if there could be people who have been cursed to be entirely bereft of angelic nuances. Bereft of any sense of good or even any sense of wanting to do good. If there are, then we no longer have to worry about their presence for they have all been consigned to history. These are the Hitler's, the Khmer Rouge's, the Ceausescu's of the world whose lives, from begging to end, have been their own testament to being Satan incarnate...all long dead and buried. Let us concern our self with the living before we ourselves are dead.

Living far from the maddening crowd and living beyond the grasps of those who are already mad in Malaysia, I do not have to concern myself too much about what those who walks in the corridors of power in Putrajaya, in Bukit Aman or in any parts of Malaysia where Little Napoleons reside. I do not have to worry too much about what they will do to me should they agree to disagree with what I write....but that does not give me license to write as I please. 

In truth, even if I write as I please, it will give me no pleasure or gratification for those views are mine and mine alone. Views that are tempered by my birth, my race, my religion (if any), my education and in the manner I have lived my life. - all of which is really no body's business but mine. So I try to keep my personal views to myself when I write.

So what guides me in how I write? Two words : COMMON SENSE.

Religion, race, politics and life must be attended to and lived by, in my opinion, with COMMON SENSE. If a Malay tells me that ALLAH wants umno and PAS to win the next PRU I will not bite. If a Chinese tells me that the Chinese in Malaysia have been treated as second class Rakyat's, I too will not bite. Any other Malaysians - even those from Sabah and Sarawak (for they are also Malaysians are they not?) who comes to me and cry foul in the manner that the Barisan Nasional government have been remiss in their treatment of them....that too I will not bite. Each case have to be considered and evaluated upon it's own merit for surely for every Ying there is a Yang. 

So why am I critical of the manner this umno led BN government is doing their time in Putrajaya? Common sense will tell you that a prime minister, who is the leader of this bn government, found with RM2.6 billion in his personal account for which he cannot give a proper accounting for - is suspect. Common sense will tell me that an AG and the IGP who do not act against said prime minister are also suspect. 

PAS, Jakim, Jawi, Muftis, Tabung Haji, Men who do ALLAH's work on this earth (so they claim), Zakir Naik, the Sultans who are the head of Islam in their state and many many other Muslims who claim to do ALLAH's work on this Dunia have also been, to me, suspect in the manner they do their work. And COMMON SENSE tells me that if I have to consistently question and doubt their ability to do ALLAH's work on this Dunia as I think it should be done....then they too are all suspect to me....but my caveat is that phrase "as I think it should be done"...for how I think it should be done may differ in how YOU think it should be done...hence COMMON SENSE prevails again. 

By now you would have been able to discerned that I write to my own drum beat. Race, religion and politics are of no consequence to me...COMMON SENSE is. 

But then that is me. Many of you will beg to differ from how I think. Some of you will not even beg to differ from me.....some of you will give me the finger and tell me to go fly kites, 
To each his own....but I hope, if you read what I write, you too will allow COMMON SENSE to rule the manner by which you live your life.