Sunday, 7 May 2017

Me a Traitor ? Then engkau anak haram Idris!

“Saya mahu melihat Umno menang dengan cemerlang dan mengembalikan semangat gelombang biru yang pernah mencipta sejarah suatu masa dahulu,

Me a traitor?

These f@*king umno guys go around calling us any names they like! What if I call this Idris anak haram and a f@*king retard who is mentally challenged because he has been in umno for far too long?  

The only thing he got right is the phrase "suatu masa dahulu"...for that is all that umno and himself still has got left : the past!

"Suatu masa dahulu" umno dominated all things political in Malaysia. Not any more!

"Suatu masa dahulu" umno was whom any Malay would pangkah during election time. Not any more! 

"Suatu masa dahulu" in PRU11 the umno led bn government secured 198 of the 219 seats in Parliament. .....sekarang they have even lost the popular vote in the last election.

"Suatu masa dahulu" there was no najib razak, no rosmah mansor, no joh low, no 1MDB, no national debt amounting to RM671 billion. Sekarang mereka lah yang akan menjatuhkan umno.   

"Suatu masa dahulu" Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim and Mahyuddin were members of umno , now they are against umno!

"Suatu masa yang dahulu" dedak makanan binatang sekarang masih jadi makanan binatang untuk ramai di dalam umno!

"Suata masa dahulu" the Attorney General and the PIG (Police Inspector General) were defenders of justice and protector of people and property no more. The AG defile justice and the PIG now shamelessly does the bidding of his political masters.

We are now a Nation on flux...balanced precariously on the tip of the Kerbau's horn....our Rakyat pushed to opposite ends of a toxic divide fuelled by race, religion and politics to serve the vested interests of nefarious greedy politicians whose tenuous grasps on government is loosen day by day by their own acts that seeks only to promote and prolong their rape and pillage of the very nation they have pledged to govern for king and country and the rakyat. 

Today we are told by this once respected Idris Jusoh.... who has himself succumbed to the ways of umno...we are now told by Idris that "Mereka Yang Marah Kerajaan Wajar digelar Pengkhianat Negara". 

Who are the traitors Idris? 

What is umno today? UMNO is greed. UMNO is deceit. UMNO is dishonor. Umno has become a bloated, corrupt and sleazy organisation.

What will umno NOT do to win  government again at the 14th PRU? 

Murder most foul....umno have done it many times over. 

Giving Ringgit 500 million for ‘services rendered’ and having a Mongolian girl murdered?  umno have done it. 

Using the ISA and other means to stifle the opposition and indiscriminately separate opposition leaders from their loves one? umno have done it. 

I can name any evil under the sun and umno have done it. umno through its leaders, have done it…and you dare to call me a traitors for speaking up? 

I can only shake my head in disbelief when trying to work out what is that umno will NOT do?  Those in umno are the traitors! 

But this we pledge…whatever umno do, do not think that you will be able to make us go away…. Never.  We will be umno's worst nightmare – not money, not your might, not your threats not your gifts will deter us from doing the right thing. We will keep our anger until the next General Elections. Lawan mesti lawan!

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