Monday, 2 April 2018


JT : "I visited taiping slim village and sabak bernam.the verdict is clear.the simpletons are voting tun m"
Selamat Pagi Malaysia...6.18 am Monday and I woke up to the above comment by JT to one of my postings on Tun Mahahthir "Aku akan pergi tak lama lagi"......and this is my reply to his comment : 
"That may be so JT but I am beginning to worry what ANY government will do when they come into power for these simpletons are easy led down ANY garden path!"
If truth be told this matter has been playing on my mind since late Friday night and Sunday was one of those days when I spent more time thinking then writing. What was I thinking about?
Hubris is "excessive pride and self confidence". ...something that Umno has by the buckets full. In these last few weeks I see that hubris is not the sole prerogative of umno...those in Pakatan Harapan too have a claim to it. But I am getting ahead of myself here...let me go back to the first premise of this posting : I fear that those whose political future depends on the votes of these "simpletons" are treating these "simpletons" as "simpletons" and before you get all riled up by my reference to voters as "simpletons" let me include myself in as one of these "simpletons".....for you see that is how these Yang Berhormats and would be Yang Berhormats are treating us "simpletons". 
Let me remind these YB's and would be YB's that WE the Rakyat are NOT simpletons. We have had over six decades of umno rule and we have had enough of it. We know the corruption, the dedak,the arrogance, the decadence and the hubris that now permeates umno at all levels. We know that once YOU are in government YOUR interest takes precedence over OURS. You YB's and would be YB's think that we Rakyat are fools when WE know that YOU are the Fools for thinking that we are FOOLS.....and this time around we the Rakyat are not going to turn the other cheek and be quiet.
Not me! 
I know that this will be an election too close to call by anybody. If you ask any rational umno member of umno if he thinks that umno "boleh menang?"...his answer all be "terlalu tipis"...ditto for Pakatan Harapan!
So it will be our votes that will will be "Peoples Power" that will make the difference. And how are these two nemesis treating the Rakyat who will decide their fate? Like simpletons.
Ponder this for now...for I have more to write about this....suffice for me to say now that we the Rakyat now give notice to Pakatan Harapan YB's and would be YB's....that we will not be quiet BEFORE and AFTER the election when we see Pakatan Harapan YB's and would be YB's treating us Rakyat as "simpletons!". Enough said for now.

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