Thursday, 19 April 2018

Why the Indonesian Courts release Equanimity :

The seizure of Equanimity by Indoneisan Police on the request of the FBI was done under a Criminal suit whereas the United States Department of Justice has a civil forfeiture lawsuit against Jho Low. Thus the Indonesian Courts were right in coming to a decision that the police action was "invalid" and "unlawful" and instructed the Indonesian Police to release Equanimity.
What happens now?

The first thing the Captain of Equanimity will do is to head for international waters where it cannot be seized by the United States DOJ. 
While the United States DOJ make ready a criminal suit to ensure the seizure of the Equanimity this time around is legal, the FBI will be keeping track of the whereabouts of the Equanimity. 
From now on, the Captain of the Equanimity better not let the Yacht stray into any US territory...because if he does...tiada maaf bag mu!

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