Saturday, 23 April 2011

cakap cakap....Petra.

We are all entitled to an opinion on this latest RPK business. Some of you  are more vocal them most. Some more passionate. A few had put pen to paper and pour their tirade for or against Petra onto their blogs or onto others. I really have not read all that even Petra has written himself about these matters simply because it really does not interest me. I do not see the TV3 interview, did not see a transcript or know exactly what transpired……only snippets of information around the blogs and in the electronic media. As such I am not writing here as one who is familiar with the “facts” of the case.

So what I write here is as I see it.

In the first place I have always regarded what Petra said re Rosmah’s presence at the murder of Altantuya as being “spin”. Why? Can you really believe that Rosmah would involve herself physically in the murder of Altantuya? Come on lah she has other better things to do with herself. So if it is spin, why then did I think Petra could do, or would do such a thing? The same reason we sometimes tell a white lie. It is really just us that knows the full story. Others can speculate but that is all it is…speculation.

So for me I am sure that Petra, in the final analysis called the happenings at Altantuya’s murder as he wanted to after weighing the pro and cons for doing so. Having done so he takes responsibility for what he writes. As I do. Sometimes I make mistakes. Sometimes stupid mistakes but I am responsible for what I put on my blog. Nobody, and I repeat, nobody can really make this Petra do what he does not want to do. So suffice to say that after looking at all the “facts” and the possible ramifications of what he was going to write, Petra did what he had to do..….now can we just let sleeping dog lie and get on with other things?