Friday, 15 April 2011

Taib Mahmud: Rogue Politician.

Politics can lay claim to being the second oldest profession known to men….and women too! Being a close second to the oldest profession does not make it a less honourable profession though many would dispute that premise given the goings on within our long suffering country.

Politics in Malaysia is a business of volatile change. The question of what is inappropriate behaviour, the culture of how people behave, the judgement of what constitutes criminality is no longer the purview of the public or common sense. It is decided by those in power to serve their own interest. Politicians no longer stab each other in the back. They now stand face to face and stab each other in the chest - in media circuses that is all hype and where no one takes responsibility for what they say or do.

Among the things that differentiate politics in Malaysia from politics in Australia is the level of “spin” that Malaysian politicians seems to relish doing without bothering to understand the Rakyat’s capacity to think for themself.

“Spin” is a form of propaganda, achieved through providing an interpretation of an event to persuade public opinion in favor or against a certain issue, part or public figure.

We see this everyday in the utterances of these people who see themselves as “leaders” in politics or as leaders of whatever calling they chose to champion. If you look hard enough you will be able to find even a group championing “Ibrahim Ali for ALL Malaysian!.” I myself can find at least two supporters who will insists that I am eminently qualified to be a politician – despite my aversion to being one! We need to accept is that we are all the same because we are all different. The potential for greatness lies in all of us but the truth is that for most it will simply not happen….not even the fifteen minutes of fame that Warhol promised us! But being different does not mean that we cannot act together in getting rid of these rogue politicians from Barisan Nasional!   

So where did we go wrong? How are we today cursed with these rogue politicians? Leaders who have failed us? A Prime Minister who seems to think that he has become Prime minister of this country by “an act of God”? It has to be an act of God because there are already multiple chances to stop someone like Najib to become Prime Minister of our country – and yet he IS Prime Minister of this country!

Have all these “fail safe” mechanism to stop these rogue politicians from taking office failed? Why has UMNO been allowed to rule for over 50 years while compounding every cascading failure upon the people of this country? Why has Taib Mahmud been able to rape and pillage the wealth of Sarawak for himself and his cronies?

Elections are designed to give us respite from failed leaders and corrupt politicians and anything else that could go wrong in a democracy. It did not happen in Malaysia. The votes that the Rakyat had to cast at these elections to effect this change did not happen. After the general elections when it became obvious that no change came despite promises made, the Rakyat again failed to ensure that the by-elections would reflect their contempt for these corrupt rogue politicians.

It will take time to figure out why all these multiple chances to stop corrupt and arrogant leaders from taking office failed the Malaysia Rakyat time and time again. No wonder we now have these Barisan Leaders claiming their “right” to continue in office because it is “an act of God”.

We will leave the post mortem to another time. For now we have more pressing concerns in Sarawak. Until we can figure out a way to have responsible and decent leaders to govern us, we need to stop Taib Mahmud from doing any more harm to Sarawak. All that Taib Mahmud now has to offer Sarawak is nothing more then greed! Greed for power and greed for money.

So far all that the people of Sarawak has tried to do to rid themselves of this rogue Chief Minister has failed leaving the people with only two options. One slow and unproven and the other fast, effective and sure.

The first one is to believe what Najib and Taib himself have promised: That Taib will leave. This is as good as saying that Najib too will leave politics – a self-fulfilling prophecy true even of Mahathir when he first took office in 16th July 1981. It came true 22 years later!

The second is fast, effective and sure. The people of Sarawak must cast their vote to get Taib Mahmud out NOW!