Wednesday, 20 April 2011


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Time for a Malaysia Report — Ex Poh Say

April 20, 2011
APRIL 20 — The Sarawak Report did a good job in exposing Taib Mahmud and letting Malaysians see the extent of his alleged abuse of power, cronyism and wealth. The portal also for the first time exposed how Sarawak is being raped by those entrusted to look after the state.
Kudos to the people behind it but should we just stop with a Sarawak Report? I think someone or group should start a Malaysia Report to bring to light corruption among the elite in the whole country.
For example, the wealth of all ministers, their wives, their children and nominees should be listed down. I propose that pictures of their homes in Malaysia and abroad be posted on the website.
In this way, the rakyat can be the check and balance against corruption, cronyism and nepotism. The police and the MACC cannot be relied on to keep our ministers, royalty and corporate elite honest.

steadyaku47 comment:
Friends...what say you all? Shall we start this? Put your mark on the poll and let me know!