Tuesday, 16 February 2016

"a bloody good for nothing ungrateful Bumiputra"

You don't need English to produce world-class science, says a top ranked…
steadyaku47 comment: Ok lah ...let this old man (67 years old) who only has an HSC to show in terms of education and have never been ranked in anything except as "a bloody good for nothing ungrateful Bumiputra" by Umno, say my piece about this need of English to produce any world class anything....scientists included.

But let us not talk about scientists or professors......let us talk about little old me because I am an expert at talking about me. 
From the first school that I can remember going to : Ngee Heng Primary School in Johor Baru, then Gurney Road School in KL and from there to SIC in Kota Baru before that leap into MCKK and finally SABS in Kuantan where I got my HSC....the only medium of instruction I remembered was English. 

In Ealing Tech in London where I did everything else but study and my first work experience at Harrods Georgian Restaurant as a dish has always been English that I talked, English that I think in and English that I used to communicate with people that I met in London, Bombay, Australia and of course in Malaysia.
I married a Greek (yes we communicated in English) and then to our two children and later two grand children...all our talking and communicating have been done in English. I guess the only time when Malay was in used could be said to be rare and long in between .....more a novelty as a Malay would learn to swear in Chinese.
Speaking English is not something I do consciously .......there have never been any other language that I have been use to using except English...and it has got me by in life....and now I am a pensioner taking care of my wife in Melbourne where English is spoken everywhere and anywhere we care to go. 
For me ....I would not be where I am now if I did not know English.
Now I have not included what I do on my blog...yes you guessed it...95% in English. Because I write in English more people read what I write. Last month I had 217167 Hits and yesterday 6493.

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I doubt if I can get half those figures if I write in Malay....well to be more exact, I cannot write in Malay. I have lived in London, Australia, a short stint in Bombay and of course in Malaysia....and in all these places everybody speaks English. Malay? I would never even try to use it to swear in at these places because nobody would understand me.

But of course I am not a scientist or a professor. Maybe a scientist or a professor can share with us their experience in this language thing....and tell us if they themselves needed English to get where they are now in life. End of Story.