Friday, 10 June 2016

cakap cakap : Badak Terbang Lagi!

Badak Terbang rushing to meet a very tight schedule, explains aide.

Aide to PM's wife, Rizal Mansor, explains private jet was necessary for Rosmah to keep up with her tight schedule and was a plane used by Malaysian dignitaries, including the King and Queen.

steadyaku47 comment

At 64, not many women would have anything "tight" about them anymoreHave any of you heard of any 64 year old bitch that is tight?

But Kudos to our esteemed but corrupt, (very very corrupt) prime minister Najib that at the very least, Rosmah still has something "tight"  that her aide Rizal Manor can boost about...a "tight" schedule! 

Now how "tight" that schedule is seems to depend on what she was up to in Istanbul  (presumably with the Turks maybe?).  

Back in Bolehland, this Rizal chap tells us that this bitch had to attend a general meeting of the Malaysian Girl Scouts which was officiated by the Queen. As usual this Rizal Mansor tries to mention Flom the Flop in the same sentence as the Queen....hoping some of the Queen's royal persona will rub off on to her....but so far NOTHING ma!

Rizal Mansor has also slammed YB Rafizi for "exposing" Rosmah Mansor's use of an Emirate private jet in that trip to Istanbul (paid of course by yours truly and every one else reading this blog and counting!).  

Given Rosmah's "tightness" I do hope that is all that YB Rafizi's will expose ..and that YB Rafizi will not be exposing anything of himself (however deserving!)......nudge nudge wink wink!

I think YB Rafizi is being most mischievous by his constant reference to the fact that Rosmah Mansor should have taken a commercial flights....if necessary in "First Class". 

Does not YB Rafizi understand that there is nothing First Class about this First Lady of ours.....why confuse her?