Sunday, 12 June 2016

Do Better!

Whatever it is that you are doing for has not been enough.

No one....not Anwar Ibrahim, not Lim Kit Siang nor what anyone else have been doing for change has been enough to make change possible in Malaysia. 

If you say that the elections are rigged with the connivance of a tainted Election Commission then it means you have not done enough to ensure that the election will not be rigged and that the Election Commission will act impartially. 

Enough was done in Perak, Selangor, Kelantan, Kedah and Penang at one time or another for change to happen in those states but not enough was done to keep Perak and Kedah on side and not enough was done in the other states to win them over to the opposition side.  

If Anwar Ibrahim was incarcerated in Sungai Buloh it is because Anwar had not done enough to ensure that the BN government would not have anything to prosecute him with...what more to incarcerate him.

Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan, Aminrurasyid and all those killed by PDRM while in their custody or killed in any other way...those people too had not done enough to ensure that the authorities would not be able to put them in a situation where their life was in mortal danger... and because they have failed to do so, they have paid for that failure with their life.

The break down of the Pakatan Rakyat Coalition, the current animosity between PAS and DAP and the utter failure of Pakatan Rakyat to build upon the popular mandate given to them by the electorates is also because the leaders of the opposition failed miserably to take advantage of Umno when it was at its weakest after the last general election. And you and I know that they have paid for that failure dearly for the political momentum towards the next general election is being dictated by Umno.

We and our leaders, and no one else...certainly not Umno or BN, are to be blame for our failures to come together and take back our nation from a corrupt and arrogant BN.  

We must accept this reality if we are to move forward towards another tilt at making change possible by the time of the next general election not more than two years away. 

If you cannot accept that, then you shall, once again in hubris and arrogance, be the reason why BN will take government after the next general it has done for six decades and counting....and Umno akan kekal sebagai party politic yang akan bermaharajalela di negara kita sekali lagi!

So please my better! And go to sleep tonight thinking about what you can do better!