Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Nawawi : The Serial Moron From Umno Langkawi!

Story One:

Story Two:

Nawawi was also in the news in 2014 when DAP Chairman Karpal Singh died in a car crash. He posted a gruesome picture of Karpal after the accident, attaching Karpal’s “an Islamic state can only happen ‘over my dead body'” newspaper article in Bahasa Malaysia.
He posted a comment: “Who wants to challenge Karpal Singh? Please submit your name.”
He later removed the post and issued an apology, stating it was a careless posting which ignored the sensitivities of Karpal’s family and his supporters.

steadyaku47 comment : Mindful of Ramadan, the pahala that may or may not come my way, being most desirous of not offending the sensibilities of Malays (whether you are fasting or not) .......may I respectfully make the following comment:

What are you Nawawi? A first class serial moron of the first order....numero uno! You bloody village time engage your brain before you open your mouth....that is if you do have any brians!

This is another classic graduate from the University of Umno that that equally moronic MB of Kedah was talking about....and of course once they graduated they will go sit among their "equals" in Parliament.........welcome to the Umno Planet of the Apes!