Friday, 10 June 2016

Nawawi : The Serial Moron from Umno strike again!

“Why did they (netizens) behave in a mean manner by copy-pasting our argument for public view without my approval?"
Langkawi MP says there is no reason for him to retract what he said because it wasn't meant for public consumption.
steadyaku47 comment: 
This moron is upset because what he said:
 "gaji wakil rakyat bukan rakyat bayar tapi kerajaan bayar"
was not for public consumption! 
The stupidity of any elected representatives is for public consumption! 
The Rakyat, especially the people who elected you, have the right to know anything and everything that you do as an elected representative....and if you do not know that then not only are you a moron, but you are also an ignorant ass. 
Kasi malu orang Melayu aja....and I see that Ir before your name....engkau ni Engineer ka? I can just see all those other Engineers shaking their head in bemusement and asking themselves how someone as stupid as you ever got to be an doubt spending time in Umno did not help! 
I mean we can understand how you became a politician in Umno...stupidity is a pre condition to being accepted by your peers there...but an Ir....hmmm interesting! Can buy Ir qualifications or not?