Thursday, 9 June 2016


The new MCOBA (Malay College Old Boys for the uninitiated!) President has announced that there will no longer be any reserved parking at the MCOBA building....not even for the President! 

That was the message I got from my '64 classmates through our whatsapp group chat late last night. It was just a small gesture from our President but what a gesture! It speaks volumes, I hope, of a paradigm shift in mentality, in deeds and what is to come under his stewardship in the coming years. Tabek President...I am impressed. 

While many of us have good intentions to do good things, while others makes promises and declare our intent to do this and do that...this man goes ahead and makes the simplest of gestures...."NO MORE RESERVED PARKING...NOT EVEN FOR THE PRESIDENT!" 

What does that say of him? What can we expect from his time in office as President of MCOBA?

In one word : PLENTY! 

I do not know Tengku Ahmad Burhanuddin Tengku Adnan....hell I have never even heard of him before this...but not anymore! In one felt swoop he has ingrained his name into my head and I look forward to the other good things he will do as President of MCOBA.    

And congrats to you and to the others who have voted for this man to be our President. He will surely not disappoint us!