Thursday, 9 June 2016

Who put up that Billboard?

I thought the above Billboard was put up by that Umno Ketua Bahagian from Sg Besar.....that Jamal anak Yunus. I was mistaken. It would seem that it was AMANAH or someone else that had out up the billboard and not Umno or Jamal....and for me, that put things in a different light. 

Why would AMANAH want to put up a Billboard that equate Cina with Babi...even if there were quotating Jamal. Would not the right thing to do be to upload a video of him saying that "Panggil Cina Babi tak Salah"...if AMANAH has the video....otherwise, for me, the putting up of that billboard is wrong and highly irresponsible and I must wonder aloud what AMANAH motives were for doing so! 

Was it to inflame the Cina to do physical violence towards the Malays in retaliation for Jamal and Umno calling them Babi? And only God knows what will come out of such acts for I know that Umno and the Malays will not turn the other cheek once they know that it was not Umno or Jamal that had out up that billboard...but AMANAH!

It is wrong for AMANAH to have put up that billboard because all it does is to put into the public domain the claim that an Umno Ketua Bahagian, a Malay and a Muslim, has said that it was okay to call the Chinese a Pig. 

And even if he did, I want to see proof of same...conclusive, irrefutable proof confirmed by an independent source...otherwise it is hearsay!  

Like all racist billboard of this nature, it invokes hatred among those who are called Babi against Umno, against the Malay who had called them Babi......a totally irresponsible thing to do in the political, social and racial conundrum that our nation is now seething in.

What AMANAH has done is to invoke negativity when positivity is the message that any  responsible leader, entity or political party would have been better off doing. 

What AMANAH has done is to fool people like me and many others into believing that Umno or Jamal himself, had put up that billboard. And Jamal and Umno had put up that billboard to inflame racial tensions between the Cina and the Melayu and that in the possible aftermath of racial tensions, Jamal and Umno will use the situation to the their political advantage.

I hope an explanation is forthcoming ...and soon....from AMANAH or whoever that had put up the billboard and that the full brunt of the authorities will be thrown at these culprits and they be taught a lesson that will make them understand that racial politics, from any side of the political divide, will not be tolerated by any responsible Malaysians.