Monday, 14 November 2016

cakap cakap..Trump

How refreshing it must be for those millions of Americans who have voted for Trump to have someone unencumbered by any political baggage to be their President!

Think about it!

He is a man who depended upon himself to get where he is now - a billionaire businessman. In the process of getting there, I am sure he must have encountered government officials who were corrupt asking for handouts for favors they might have done for him. So you can sure that Donald Trumps hate corrupt government officials. Ditto for politicians who would have done him favors for dedak. And this man is now the President of the USA!

As a businessman he dislikes waste. He wants every expenditure to be accounted for. All wastage cut to the bone and he will insist that his people deliver on what they promise him they will do. If they do wrong he will ask for accountability...if not "You are Fired". Imagine if those principles were now to be applied to Trumps administration!

He is the worst nightmare possible for those in politics and those in government!

Those of us who have been in business knows only too well what the collusion of corrupt government officials and greedy politicians can do to our business. One without the other cannot do much harm to our business but together they even give corruption a bad name. They can manipulate a "negotiated or close tender" to first benefit themselves and then maybe allow the businessmen to make some profit. And Trump knows this because he has been at the receiving end of these kinds of deals.  

He knows what Kleptocracy means....and he will be among the first in his administration to tell the DOJ to go full steam to bring Rosmah's son and his accomplices to justice for he knows that it is parasites like Reza, Jh Low and their ilk, who steal from the people to make themselves rich. Trump works for his money...yes he may not pay any tax, but he does not pay any tax legally. Kleptomaniacs like Reza and JH Low steals from the people in the billions to line up their own pockets.

I think we need a Donald Trump in Putrajaya asap!