Tuesday, 15 November 2016

cakap cakap..Jamal Jamban jangan media is there!

To the wary social media is a tool used to communicate to others your intent and deeds but to the unwary it can make them a fool. It can make you a prince or a pauper. It can make, fake or break a persona for you or allow others to unmask you. You can use it, abuse it to your heart's content and it will never fail you......but it is at it's most unforgiving when truth should prevail....and for those who lie's, the social media is a curse!

It is all there...images, moving lips and sound for all to see, to judge and to decide the truth of what is being said and done. And so now, lessons learnt, Ahmad Maslan knows that silence is golden.

Those who lives their lives by the social media can also die by it....and we are now seeing the "death" of Jamal Jamban played out in the glare of public scrutiny and judgement. 

It must be a nightmare for this Jamban guy to have to wake up this morning and watch over and over again what he had said to the police during the melee when he was left with a bloodied nose, to the press immediately after the melee, to the police when making the police report and again to the press after making the police report....all caught on camera and all different versions of the same event played out for whatever audience he was at that time addressing.....a village idiot so engrossed in trying to concoct a lie to suit his audience  totally unaware that the cameras were on him and recording everything he says to be played time and time again on TV, PCs and Mobiles for everyone to see, listen and decide the veracity of what he has said at those four different time and locations.

For Jamal Jamban social media is indeed a curse....a curse well deserved and one we would not wish even for the worst of our enemies.....or would we?

Jamal Jamban is village idiot lost in a make believe world of protecting "Maruah Melayu," a hate for others not of his ilk and his own greed for more and more dedak....all of his and Umno's own making..... and totally unaware that he is slowly but surely losing the plot. His work is done!