Thursday, 10 November 2016

East Coast Rail Line : aka The Dedak Line

China set to build, finance Malaysia's East Coast Rail Line project ...
Oct 31, 2016 - The RM55 billion (US$13.1 billion) project will span four states on the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. ... BEIJING: China is set to build and finance the RM55 billion (US$13.1 billion) East Coast Rail Line (ECRL) project that will span four states in peninsular Malaysia, according ...

Malaysia to build east coast railway link with China fund | Vietnam+ ...
Oct 31, 2016 - The East Coast Rail Link (ECRL), a 620km high-impact project under the 11th Malaysia Plan, will be funded by China, Treasury Secretary ...

steadyaku47 comment:  Malaysia is NOT building the East Coast Railway Link. China is building it for Malaysia. 
They will be using Chinese labour where possible.
They will buy materials from China where possible.
And the Chinese will remit as much of the money earned in Malaysia back to China for the families they left behind in China when they came to Malaysia to work on this project.   
The funds will be provided by China to build this RM55 billion railway line. And those funds has to be  paid back by the people of Malaysia.  
The Rail line is being built in the East Coast. Now where the hell are they going to get the critical mass of fee-paying passenger travelling to and from the East Coast  to make the rail line commercially viable?
And more critical - how can the viability of the railway line be even considered if there is no demand for goods to be transported to and from the East Coast to other parts of Malaysia or to the World? There is no demand now and any right thinking idiot knows that there will not be a demand in the foreseeable future...not to service a RM50 billion rail line!  
But does Najib cares?     
Comment by RC:
China is not LENDING the money to Malaysia. 

China is building the world's most expensive 620km railway line and in doing this China is financing the project.

It means Malaysia does not receive the money for the project.

The only money received will be Najib's commission, an inflated additional RM 30 biĺlion that will be secreted to Najib in dribs and drabs outside Malaysia through China's own banking system. This additional 30 billion, however, becomes Malaysian's debt that has got to be repaid over decades subsidised by every one of us, our children and grandchildren and their children. 

This is so because the railway line is a white elephant and services a very sparsely populated East Coast. Importantly as I have posted earlier no money will enter Malaysia for the project or as FID.

All payments will be made in China for the workers and for the project materials.

The Chinese know the Melayus do no have the acumen to handle money .The Melayus knows only how to relax and seek pleasure, except for those Malays who have been exposed to a competitive world.

satu lagi comment dari Md Sari Salleh:

Mari belajar maths:


Loan: RM55b tenure: 20 years
RM55b / 20yrs / 365hari = 7.5m
Maknanya sehari kena bayar balik pinjaman tu RM 7.5 juta.

Jadi goverment Malaysia kena buat sales lepas keretapi tu jalan sekurang2nya RM7.5j sehari uutuk bayar balik pinjaman pokok tu. NIni tak masuk lagi faedah, kos operasi, servis, maintenence dan yang lain lain.

Kita assumed sehari 3 trip, KL-KB & 3 trip KB - KL.

So 1 trip memerlukan sales 7.5j / 6trip = RM1.25juta.

Maka berberapa kah harga tiket perlu di jual untuk capai target tu?

Kita ambillah harga ticket RM100/pax.

Jadi berberapa ramai penumpang yang di perlukan 1 trip?

RM1.25j/rm100 = 12,500 orang.

Kalau 1 coach = 80 orang.

1 trip perlukan : 12,500 / 80 = 156 coach.

Agak sukar lokomotif nak tarik 156 coach?

Paling banyak 30 coach/ trip

Jadi harga tiket perlu dinaikkan ke

RM 520/pax.

Berapa ramai yg mampu? Lebih baik naik Air Asia, lagi murah...

Adakah kita akan mampu capai target sales tu dengan harga tiket dan mampu bayar pinjaman tu?

Fikir2 kan lah......

Satu Solution from YBKB (yes the YB is a Yang Berhormat!) .... Apa kata if goverment provide subsidy (rakyat's money anyway) of RM500'per ticket. Possible right !