Thursday, 10 November 2016

Lagi Donation : RM55 million donation to Oxford!

steadyaku47 comment : 

Bila si-Najib nak main Golf dengan Obama dia kena bayar and then a few months later he pivots towards China. A bloody waste of money and time!

Sekarang this DPM of ours wants to speak at Oxford ....kita kena buat RM55 million donation???? 

Aisehman have already made a fool of yourself at the UN...sekarang you want to talk kat Oxford? 

Steady lah.....why not go to Telok Intan and talk to some of the residents there under that leaning clock tower and then donate some ringgits to clean up the clock tower and make sure it does not lean too much more!That way the locals are happy and we Malaysian people are not out of pocket by RM55 million! Can or cannot? can bring that Oxford KJ with you to Telok Intan...then at least there is an "Oxford" feel to the whole occasion!