Thursday, 3 November 2016


Disclosure of interest in respect of salaries and privileges’ of the ministers in Malaysia, as seems to prove their disregard for the fate of the people in view of life and their income is not the slightest affected by the economic downturn nor any price increases that burden.
This revelation came to understand from a letter e-mailed by a person claiming to be officers from the Department of Finance, Finance Division of the Prime Minister’s Department in Putrajaya to Tranungkite Online blog site that can be used as reference information how large amount of public money spent by ministers in Malaysia.

Slip Monthly Income for Full Minister of Malaysia including the Chief Minister:

1. Salary RM18,000
2. Entertainment Allowance RM10,500.00
3. Housing Allowance RM10,800.00
4. Representatives allowance RM10,650.00
5. Parking allowance RM 5,700.00
Total monthly income of RM55,650.00 which must be accepted at no sick or does not work: –
Other facilities
1. On holiday abroad once a year, especially after the Conference Board General- all expenses incurred by the government, including airfare, hotel, pocket money of RM50,000.00. If not holiday abroad can claim a minister of RM50,000.00 without receipts.
2. Free electricity bills incurred by the Government of Malaysia
3. Water bills incurred by the government free of charge
4. Free telephone bills incurred by government
5. Provisions kitchen hardware / home jewelry etc can be claimed annually by RM40,000.00
6. A Mercedes S320, equipped with a mobile phone, a driver, taxi service to percuma.Kalau oil ministry, the money can be free.
7. All donations such as to marriage, death, or giving to charity welfare can be claimed.
8. Can hold an open house every day, all expenses paid by the government. Minister demanding habit of RM400,000.00
9. Every minister of RM45,000.00 they usually claim all expenses excluding allowances allowances in monthly revenue slip.

Slip Monthly Income For the Deputy Minister are: –
1. Salary RM15,000
2. Entertainment Allowance RM9,500.00
3. Housing Allowance RM9,800.00
4. Representatives allowance RM10,650.00
5. Parking allowance RM 5,700.00
Total monthly income of RM50,650.00 which must receive either ill or absent from duty.
And Secretary: –
1. The Chairman of the company / institution, government department
2. Chairman of private companies inductee
3. Revenues from private companies such as contracts and other
4. Revenue from personal cronies
5. Shares granted by the government specially 300,000 units each time.
6. Excluded from overseas earnings
7. Other sources

The whistleblower (forwarding the e-mail) are based on the salary of a minister in 1999 and in his opinion there was little change until now …