Saturday, 12 November 2016

Hindraf Gives Unconditional Support to Pakatan Harapan

Hindraf calls for all opposition forces to be embraced.

Hindraf congratulates President elect Donald Trump as the 45th United States President.
Hindraf like many others believed he was facing an uphill task in winning this election. All US exit polls, poll of polls and independent political analysts were for once proven wrong.
Just yesterday more than 60% of those Americans interviewed did not feel he had the temperament to be the next President. The last National average polling put Clinton at 43.3% and Trump at 38.5%.

The Americans ultimately voted for real change. Trump is not a Republican Party member holding any key positions, never served in the Armed forces and never held a public office before. Yet being an outsider to politics he made such a great impact in the mindset of the American people who voted for real change as they were frustrated with the establishment and the political elites.

Malaysian politics can learn something from this as well as Brexit. Both these outcomes wer not expected but the voice of the people were greater and went beyond the ordinary and we Malaysians must strive to do the same if the UMNO-BN hegemony had to be dismantled. We must tap into the hearts and mindset of all Malaysians irrespective of race or religion.
All political forces have to be embraced. There should be no monopoly of political power. Each and every political party and movements which are committed to dismantling UMNO-BN must be given an opportunity to tap their utmost strength without hindrance to meet the common goal to bring about true democratic change in this country.

Though HINDRAF has supported BN in the last GE, we admit that we made an honest error in the genuinely mistaken belief that the plight of the poor and underclass Indians which represents 45% of the Indian electorate would be solved with the written undertaking in the form of the MOU given by the top so called leader PM Najib who has proven to be a man no ordinary Malaysian can any longer trust. We have apologised on this previously and let us move on.

We have 2 weeks ago given our unconditional support to Pakatan Harapan and agreed to campaign and ensure the victory of the opposition forces of which we are very much committed to be a part of. However we urge PH to seriously engage the remaining opposition political forces including HINDRAF, BERSATU, PAS, PSM, and the many Borneo based political parties to form a new and comprehensive team which not only will take on the UMNO-BN but would go to “ground Zero” to change the mindset of the traditional BN voters. The early postal voters comprising mainly the Police and Armed Forces and the more than 1 million Civil servants must be assured and encouraged to vote against BN as there is no longer any moral ground left for them to be loyal voters of the corrupted regime. It is timely the former PM Mahathir make an open calling to these category of voters to shift their traditional allegiance. 

On our part we would mobilise our ground forces to do what it takes to swing the 35% Indian voters which can make a difference in at least 40 Parliament constituencies and help Pakatan gain the states of Perak and Negeri Sembilan.

P.Waytha Moorthy