Thursday, 17 November 2016

Mao Poh Kai, Mao Peng San and soon...Mao Mah Tee!


Once upon a time in a Chinese province there lived a King Mao Hoo Tang and queen Mao Chin Chin with their son Mao Lah Lee who were in deep debt. 

They decided to ask the Chinese emperor to borrow 60 billion.

The Chinese emperor gave them the money on condition that Mao Thoom Pang and Mao Mah Kan will get contracts and occupy their land.

Cleverly, Mao Hoo Tang will channel the money to Mao Jor Li (aka JL) to repay the debts of 1MDB, leaving us the tax payers and their grandchildren's children to repay the loan.

Soon Mao Tham Ba from LHDN will raise taxes and his officers Mao Koo Thip and Mao Tang Kap will come after the people.

Ordinary people like Mao Peng San and Mao Poh Kai.

Unless we Mao Oo Bah we will all Mao Poh Kai or become Mao Mah Tee

by Mao Moon Tah