Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Mohamad Karim : Muslims...the World is passing us by?

Does anyone noticed that only Muslim practitioners from Malaysia, through FB, have countless issues with the rest of the vast spectrum of intra-religious faiths, pertaining to the adulteration of their theological beliefs.

One does not seem to encounter Christians, Hindus, the many diverse Chinese teachings, getting all worked up and accusing one another of confusing their congregations.

Even the Arabs do not keep whining about the different mazahabs encroaching into their own understanding of the Islamic faith.

So why do our Islamic authorities keep telling Muslims in Malaysia that they are so easily led astray by non-Muslims?

Do they know what they are doing to us? We already carry the stigma of laziness, always looking for a handout, not very bright and having a false sense of 'ketuanan'.

Of late, we are now 'lord of the land' and also 'kebal'.

Where is our vaunted Check and Balance pressure group..."Pemuda UMNO"?

We are going to the dogs and the World is passing us by.

Time to take charge on so many neglected fronts before we reach the precipice of no return.