Wednesday, 16 November 2016

To Seng Kai : So to all OTAK KOMINIS out there, you better think carefully before balik China because the CCP is WORSE than BUMNO and PAS.

steadyaku47 comment : I am an equal opportunity blogger. Toh Seng Kai has his say here...kalau lu mau reply...sila. Send me a decent rebuttal and I will post it here. 

Toh Seng Kai
Toh Seng Kai In the past, there was the American dream. And now there is the "China Dream".
If you want to become a Chinese citizen in China, you must LOVE the CHINA COMMUNISTS PARTY.

The Mainland Chinese are increasingly losing their souls and virtues after decades of brainwashing by the CCP. They are so rude, greedy and loud that they are becoming banes and nuisances to everyone.

Didn't we learn anything about the those barbaric Chinese tourists defacing foreign national monuments, beating and harassing locals and greedily "buying" up everything like swarms of locusts?

The media and internet are more restricted and constantly under CCP surveillances in China than anywhere in the world.
The CCP always muzzled the Mainland Chinese to speak up against the CCP's power abuses, corruptions and tyranny just to protect the image of the CCP.
And they are so similar to BUMNO's constant abuses with ops lalang, ISA, Sedition and OSA.

Speaking of corruption, Corruption is a Chinese culture in China and Xi JinPi's anti corruption campaign is just as POWERLESS like the MACC~

There are a lot of abandoned ghost cities in China that are left behind by the economic bubble. Not to forget the banks in China are rolling the debts of "Zombie Companies" and most of these banks are ran by the CCP.

The Chinese themselves are also well known for speculating and selling properties at staggering high prices for their own profits. So if you want to own an apartment in China, dream on~

Pollutions in China are so bad that more than 750 thousand people died every year and China is still keeping their coal powered plants running even when the pollution has reach danger level.
The hazes in Malaysia are more harmless than China's smogs~

The males in China are overpopulated and outnumber females due to the CCP's one child policy and Chinese' male chauvinism. 
And you are thinking of wooing local Chinese girls there, you will have to lose an arm or a leg because Chinese girls there are well known gold diggers...

The Mainland Chinese are more RACIST than any BUMNO racists like PERKOSA, ISMA, Jamal Yunos and Ali Tinju, especially to other Chinese who don't speak in the same dialects. 
And if you ever cross with Chinese from ChongQing province, they will not hesitate to kill you. So try saying "er bai wu" at your risk~

Something is seriously wrong with Malaysian Chinese these days...

They are so engrossed in their own resentments and hatred for everything "BUMNO" and "PAS" that they failed to realize that their "Big Brother"-- China is in fact an abomination from the marriage of BUMNO and PAS.

And probably that is why "Cina mudah lupa" when they accept Dr Mahathir who was responsible for ruining Malaysia for so long just because he is now with the opposition.

So to all OTAK KOMINIS out there, you better think carefully before balik China because the CCP is WORSE than BUMNO and PAS.

The CCP are literally NAZIs on steroids and always want to be in control of EVERYTHING, including your little pricks. And if you refused to heed to their demands, they will immediately lock you up in labour camps, or harvest your organs for money...

Use your head lah, you stupid Malaysian Chinese.