Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The Man Who Accompanied Rosmah Shopping in China!

Rosmah Mansor, divorced by the age of 36 with children, married Najib Razak aged 34 also divorced with children in 1987....which gives you some idea of the diffiicuty both of them must have had in getting anyone to marry either of them.....well more her than him, for after all he was already MB and son of a former Prime Minister!

Rosmah must have had a hell of a jib...sorry a hell of a job...finding some one gullible enough to marry a divorcee, gold digger or a witch...depending on your opinion of her... and that some one happens to be Najib! Think of are already an MB, your father was a former PM and you go and marry a divorced lady of 36 years old with children! Desparado, lust or love? Your guess is as good as mine ...but with hindsight, they saved others having a fate worst then death : being married to one of them!

This year, Najib Razak choose Zahid Hamidi as his deputy - which gives you an idea of the number of capable, responsible, trustworthy and talented people that can be found in the upper echelons of Umno....NONE! 

And if Zahid Hamidi is the best person he can find as his trusted running now have an idea why he needs so much cash to buy the "trust" of others in Umno!

As we all know, there have been attempts by parties still unknown, to guling Najib as PM and prime minister of Malaysia. The police have made their investigation and so far that tweet of an IGP has found out that apart from Mahathir, Mahyuddin and Anwar Ibrahim who might possibly have a motive to guling Najib from his "elected" post as PM,  the police have also identified up 45,000 people who might also have a motive for wanting to guling Najib!

But that tweet of an IGP said that the 45,000 suspects who might have a motive to guling Najib Razak as PM, is just the tip of the iceberg. The IGP has also identified that all 51% of the electorates that voted for Anwar Ibrahim in the last general election also have a motive for wanting to guling Najib as PM. And he intends to pull them all in for questioning! 

Of course there is a slight logistical problem for the IGP because he does not have enough jails to hold 51% of the electorate for questioning about their motives of wanting to guling this "cash is king" PM! So far the IGP has tweeted that he is considering house arrests for the rest of 51% still unarretsed and is waiting for confirmation from his political masters whether by doing so, he will get any dedak and/or an indefinite extension of his term as the IGP!

Najib Razak is now in China to sign over 30 Memorandum Of Understanding and God knows what else! 

I know that Kak Rosmah is keen to do some shopping there because the shopping in Shanghai is as good, if not better,  as in New York, Milan, London, Paris or Monaco...but Kak Rosmah, please watch for fakes....HERMES is not spelt HERWES...

And CHANNEL is not spelt CNANEL.....we dont want you to spend OUR money on fakes.

Of course after her trip to Turkey became a problem because her baggage carrier were not able to keep their mouth shut when carryin those innumerable bags of clothing, shoes, money (cancel which you think does not apply here). Kak Rosmah has now decided to bring her "entire family" who can at least be trusted to carry her bags for her before and after the shopping in China.,,,after all if you cannot depend on family....die lah!

Najib's political carrier has sky rockted even after the US DOJ has virtually made him a pariah by mentioning about that Malaysian Official No: 1 being a kleptomaniac! Inspite of that, today, Najib stands tall as being one of China's good friend...on par with Kim Jong-un Supreme Leader of North Korea. Riza Aziz might want to produce some of the Hip Hop music that guy is making!

Malaysia is also now par with those African Tin Pot alley states that have gone begging to China for aid and trade and some pocket money for their own despotic rulers. In return they surrender their sovereignity to China.   

Of course if that RM2.6 billion Arab donation is any comparison, Najib would be looking at getting a few billions in donation from China too. No problem there...the bigger the donation Najib wants ...the bigger the MOU and projects he has give to China...can kautim ma! 

Najib, Rosmah and their cohorts in BN are quiet excited about the scale of these "donations' they hope will come their way from China in the not too distant future. "As soon as the MOU's are signed" is one of the time scale they are eagerly talking about! Well just let me remind these Umno idiots again that the Chinese have been around many many thousand of years before they did.....and they do shoot corrupt officials! 

Many unkind things have been said of this Bugis Warrior and his Flying Hippo. As a Malay of Bugis descent, I think it is my duty to put the true facts right and Najib or Kak Rosmah should not take umbrage at me for doing so....and they should not because neither of them understands what umbrage means. 

One thing that has been said that is not true of Najib is that Najib has claimed that "Cash is King". This is not right. It is really Rosmah that says "Cash is King". Najib, as always, agrees with her!

Anyway...I digress. Rosmah has gone to China to do some shopping, and Najib and their "entire family" is with them at the invitation of the Chinese least that is the cover story you and I know that Rosmah no longer trusts anyone to carry her baggage for her anywhere she if you cannot trust family...who else then! 

As to what Najib is doing in China? Well he is the man who accompanied Rosmah shopping in China!